AOS Cine35 O3 HD - Semi Slammed

By wrong17 on Jun 10, 2023

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3D Prints

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This weight of AOS CINE35 frame is 123 grams as you see in the picture to the right. It comes standard with M3/M2 steel screws and 25mm M3/M2 aluminum standoffs. M3 hardware is used for the main parts of the frame in the middles and M2 on the rings of the props guards.

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Here I switched out all the M3 steel screws to titanium and reduced the weight by 4 grams. In the past, I would have switched out the M2 screws too, but it is not worth the cost, because the weight difference is barely noticeable.

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I thought the 25mm standoff was taller than necessary, so I switched them out to 20mm. With that change I was able to reduce the weight to about 3g.

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Here I gained some weight because I replaced the carbon fiber FPV camera mounting plates with a 3D printed version that has a custom vibration dampener on it. Because I am using a DJI O3 air unit, I want to reduce any unwanted vibration to the super sensitive gyro located in the FPV camera.

The Build

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Two months later, I finally started to work on this build again. Everything went quickly because I removed all the electronics from the GEPRC Cinelog 35 and moved them to the new frame. For the most part, the only thing I had to do was extend the length of the wires for 2 motors.

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Instead of using the caddx vista I will be switching to a DJI O3 air unit. To mount it to the frame, NewBeeDrone made it simple with their aluminum mount that lets you mount the air unit to a 20x20 holes.

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Here you can see that I still have lot space even though I switched out the original 25mm standoff to 20mm. That is why I called this setup semi-slammed with the 5mm shorter stanoffs.

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My initial intention was to use a GoPro 11 mini with a custom clam shell mount. But after doing a few tests, I felt it is not necessary to use a full GoPro. Plus, I already have a Naked GoPro 10 and Gopro Bones, why not use them so I can reduce the AUW to gain more flight time.

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By switching to the GoPro bones, I would save around 80 grams because of the smaller camera mount and the camera.

Prop Testing

During the test flight I tried a lot of different props......

•  Gemfan D90MMX3
•  Gemfan D90MMX5
•  HQ D90MMX4       
•  HQ D90MMX5       
•  HQ 85MMX6        
•  HQ 89MMX8
•  iFlight Nazgul Cine 3535 3-Blade     

In the end, my favorite props are the HQ D90MMX5

PID tuning with BF 4.4.X

This is still works in progress...


GoPro Bones


DJI O3 - with EIS ON



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Alviso27   18 days ago  

Hi ! Nice build, I just build the AOS cine35 aswell and love it so much ! woud you be able to share where I can find the O3 TPU ? Looks supper cool on it! Thanks you

wrong17   17 days ago 

I usually share all the 3D printed parts on my build list, just in case you missed it, here is a link to the parts on thingiverse:

akjellfpv   Feb 25, 2024  

What are your betaflight settings to get the gyro and mag to work since the board is upside down and rotated to the rear?

ganufpv   Sep 13, 2023  

How many minutes of flight time do you have while carrying a gopro?

wrong17   Sep 14, 2023 

I typically use a Naked GoPro or GoPro 10 Bone, but I was able to try flying it with a Full GoPro 11 today and I got 6:30 minutes of flight time with a CNHL 1100mah 6s Lipo.

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