GepRC Cinelog 35 Above the Rest!

By LynxFPV on Apr 20, 2023

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over the years I've built a few cinewhoop and they always seemed to have problems in flight performance. either bottoming out coming out of a high dive or issues with low throttle control. not to forget getting blown around in the wind or sucked up against a wall. cinewhoops in the past just didn't have the power nor the ability to preform to my liking.
Now, going into this build i wanted power and control! And after upgrading my 5" to run Fpvcycle 25mm imperial motors i definitely knew what i was going to use for motors on this whoop. Keep in mind i did take a month or more to research what it'll take to make the cinewhoop of my dreams. Fpvcycle 23mm shorts 2350kv motors are a perfect fit for a 3.5" frame.
Chose to go with a Foxeer predator micro in neon yellow because Foxeer cameras are the best in my opinion. So keeping on topic of video, i really only go with Rush vtx on my larger than micro builds. Plus my thoughts were to have amazing video strength hence the Rush Solo !
3d prints from Brain3d, and i prefer to fly this whoop with the vertical GoPro mount. Led rope lights from FlyinHighFPV and are great to wrap around the ducts. dont get me wrong this build was a challenge to get everything to fix. yet once it did it was as if it was ment to come together as so.
Hands down this quad flys like a 5" on 6s. The cinewhoop of my dreams has become a reality. Does not have any of the flight problems of a typical cinewhoop. even flys freestyle with ease.
Now finding the right 3.5" prop has been tricky. flys great on 8 blade props quite and very easy to control at low throttle. tri blade props are amazing for freestyle flying or straight up ripping around. My favorite are the 5 blade props, excellent control at any range of the stick high/mid/low.
If you are in the mood to build the one Cinewhoop that is better than any other the use this build as your blueprint! you will not be disappointed, you will be Absolutely Amazed at how it flys....oh almost forgot, all of this is to carry a full size GoPro Hero 8.
please feel free to ask any questions you many have about this beautiful machine ❣
So, after trying to fill in the build list at the bottom i see they don't have listed all that i used. like the Vas Mini minion pro sma antenna and a few others to give a total cost of the build. In total for this build I've invested just over $300. And is worth ever dollar



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jds_fpv   May 16, 2023  

Hey LynxFPV awesome build. I was looking to build my first cinewhoop using the same motors, frame and vtx. One question tho. Anyway you can show how you mounted your rushvtx?

LynxFPV   May 26, 2023 

i go back in time to find the photo in google photos. but i mounted it to the bottom plate with three screws and double sided tape. and made sure to have a 90°mmcx to the back right where i can still access the buttons of the Solo.
the Cinelog 35 with this set up flys amazing! you'll be surprised off the first back with a massive smile.
I'm at work now so when i get a chance i will find a picture or just take a new one when i get back home.

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