Chameleon Build

By tweakfpv on Mar 26, 2017

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Freestyle quad build, for equal parts efficiency and power .

  • OSD via BFF3
  • VTX control over SmartAudio and PID tuning over S.port using the Taranis LUA scripts.
  • Pagoda Antennas built in house.



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NoveFpv   Apr 21, 2017  

Which capacitors are you using on the escs?

tweakfpv   May 28, 2017 

They are 25v 220uF caps.

Prowler   May 22, 2017  

How did you mount your Unify Pro? I ended up breaking it while trying to find a suitable place to mount it. Do you have any close ups of the pigtail where it connects to the Unify?

tweakfpv   May 28, 2017 

I took the pigtail off and turned it around back under the heatshrink (up to halfway) - there's a close up of that there. Word of warning though, you need to peel away the black silicone from where the antenna is glued on as that does a really good job of preventing the antenna ground from connecting once you've pulled the pigtail out from under it.

Flying Aboo   Apr 28, 2017  

I am going to be putting a BetaFlight F3 board in a Chameleon 5". What I wanted to ask is the power leads from the FC you have run through the back plate.

Could I get away with using a shorter lead and turning the battery the other way in order for it to reach?
How long is the lead you used?

tweakfpv   May 01, 2017 

Hi FunnyFluffer,

I used a shorter lead originally and ran it through the back plate without success but you rotated the BFF3 90 degrees you might be able to bring it up the side.

The top plate is quite low down so everything is very close to the props and I decided running the lead out the back was the safest option but possibly not the best for weight.

AncientJ   Apr 10, 2017  

Looks like you had to clip the mounting flange on the SMA pigtail. I was wondering about that. Did you use a screw on the other side of the flange to secure it, or do you just let the antenna hold it on?

tweakfpv   Apr 10, 2017 

You're correct. I tried using a small nut on the other side but that didn't leave enough thread so I settled on a dab a hot glue to hold it in place and just tighten down the antenna nice and tight :)

animatedlim_fpv   Mar 27, 2017  

What is your auw? Wth and without GoPro and lipo?

tweakfpv   Mar 28, 2017 

Not sure about weight sorry!

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