Big Twig 4 inch

By Glitsch on Apr 27, 2023

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This is an iteration of my 4 inch Twig Mutant with air unit. Wanted to have onboard recording and currently not switching to dji o3. I like 4 inch because it´s fast enough for the places i fly in, fits all electronics i want and it´s half the weight of a 5 inch freestyler. The true X with battery on bottom has a very small formfactor for a 4 inch, too! Plus the batteries are much cheaper - love it!

Since there was no one who fits the full air unit into a twig mutant, i had to design my own canopy. It´s devided in two parts to have access to the FC and to fit the air unit in. Maybe i´ll figure out how to integrate a place for the xt30 into the 3d print some day.

Motors are Betafpv 1506, 3000kV. They feel nice but a bit higher kV could make it a bit more aggressive on the throttle.

Flies on tattoo 750mAh 4S. Dry weight is 190g, with battery 280g.



Sign in to comment   Jul 16, 2023  

Great build!! Can you share stl files?

Doctor_fpv   May 17, 2023  

i am looking at making a toothick 4 inch as well. not with DJI stuff but with walksnail. i already have a 3 inch toothpick that rips. was wondering how this is flying. i was looking at 1604 motors 3800kv. what flight time and does this feel like a boat or a racer?

Glitsch   May 17, 2023 

Hi, of course it´s in between these two extremes. I think it has plenty of power to catch after dives and to freestyle it. I think your motor choice should be totally fine! The walksnail vtx is much lighter than the full airunit. I fly it on 2-bladed props and even with that it´s nimble enough for me. I´m getting around 4 mins with cruising / freestyle on 750mah 4s. I wouldn´t go much bigger on the motors on that frame.

Doctor_fpv   May 17, 2023

i am getting them to make a unibody design of this frame, also i will be using the 1s walksnail vtx just like on my 3 inch.

Glitsch   May 20, 2023 

Cool frame! For me the canopy mount is just a bit too tight. Walksnail has a very nice formfactor for digital vtx plus onboard recording. The vista and the airunit always make the stack so high. Doesn´t look as cool:-) Looking forward to your build.

tbruckfpv   May 03, 2023  

Super clean! Would love it if you you could please share the file to print the canopy off! I have this frame lying around and would love to build it.

Glitsch   May 05, 2023 

Hi, thanks! You can message me your email, so i can attach the files in reply. I´d like to see your build here;-)

tbruckfpv   May 05, 2023 

Yes please !

REAL 406FPV   May 02, 2023  

nice build! do you have a link for where i can get the file for that canopy?

jdmkramer   Apr 27, 2023  

This canopy design integrates so well with the air unit and antennas. The fins on the air unit look awesome in there too. Nice job!

Glitsch   Apr 28, 2023 

Thanks man! The fins make it look less bulky i think:-)

Bobsangster1   Apr 27, 2023  

Run it on 6s limited to 5s kv.

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