1S Tiny Octocopter / HDZero, 45mm Props

By Martin Flite on May 27, 2023

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This is an update on my 1S Tiny Octocopter.

With the added weight of the HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle, my 40mm-prop 1S tiny octocopter became a bit heavy and slow to my taste, and I hesitated to introduce it here. However, with a new frame designed for 45mm props, it is back to being a fun-to-fly outdoor (even with wind) 1S drone.

The AIO FC (JHEMCU GSF405A 1-2S 5A MPU-6000), additional 4-in-1 ESC (Racerstar Star4 1S 4A), and the motors (Flywoo 1002 23500KV) are the same as before. For use with 1S batteries., there were no major problems, even when the maximum total current exceeded 50A.

New features

  • Custom frame (prototype) : bottom plate for AIO FC and 4in1 ESC in the flat layout. top plate for the VTX and camera mount. Airflow is ensured and maintenance is easy. Another standoff is added under the camera mount in the final version.
  • Gemfan 45mm-3 : 5% less throttle to hover than 40mm 4-blade (HQProp 1.6x1.6x4), but much louder.
  • HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle is used with the external BEC (5V, 1.5A) for reliable current supply. However, the stability of the reception is lack in reliability. This is my remaining problem.
  • Tiny M10 GPS : BZGNSS BZ-121. Reliable enough for small drones and gets up to 28 Sats if the FC can communicate by UBOX. Unfortunately, the AIO FC GSF405A often fails to communicate by UBLOX, but 10-12 Sats are still available by NMEA.
  • The minimal finder buzzer: JHE20B. In a field overgrown with grass, it is very difficult to find a downed drone by sight alone, even at a short distance of less than 100 meters. A small active buzzer is unrecognizable by the sound of the grass, even in light winds.


  • Hover at 28% throttle with Dogcom 1S 550mAh 150C (its actual C rate seems much lower)
  • Hover at 32% throttle with CNHL 1S 1100mAh 100C (disassembled 6S, used for 7 months)
  • Maximum current at full throttle: 59A (current meter is calibrated and set to 95 on the scale)
  • Maximum speed : about 65km/h (not as fast as expected. It seems impossible to catch up with the pigeons.)

Update (July 2023)

  • Propellers : "HQProp T51MMX4 Light Grey" cut down to 46mm (by compass circle cutter and nail clipper)
  • HDZero VTX : Race 2
  • BEC : 9V step-up regulator (Pololu U3V40F9) + VTX Switch (XILO Pit Pal)
  • MIPI Cable : 80mm

Prop noise is smaller and more comfortable than Gemfan 45mm 3-Blade.
Video reception is more stable than Whoop Lite VTX.

  • Maximum speed : 78km/h (Now, it seems possible to catch up with the pigeons, if they do not notice.)



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amertlook   Jul 04, 2023  

JHEMCU GF16-BMI & ESC F405 2-4S 13A Best micro Tower X8

Martin Flite   Jul 05, 2023 

Yes, the GF16 stack is very suitable for 2-4S micro octocopters. In fact, I have made 2", 3" and 3.5" octocopters. However, 1S cases are not available. There does not appear to be a 1S FC available for octocopters.

wind_rapport   Jun 02, 2023  

Ok now this is what I come here for. What an awesomely strange build! Nice!

Martin Flite   Jun 03, 2023 

Thank you!

wind_rapport   Jun 05, 2023 

No prob! Hey do you have any flight footage or DVR footage of this octo anywhere? Would love to see how it handles

Martin Flite   Jun 06, 2023 

I have never published my FPV footage. This is because the most important thing for me is to enjoy the flight in real time, so at most I watch it once and erase it. I use the DVR only in case of an accident.

I used to love taking photos and videos of birds in flight (my profile picture was taken by myself 12 years ago), and I used to run my own website to publish them. However, it took me a very long time to prepare for that and I would like to avoid it in my FPV hobby.

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