By Darylk on May 28, 2023

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Everyone needs to try this!! Seeing the Mobula 8 and raising the bar a notch.

This has a 93mm wheel base. Much like a Fractal Engineering quad this uses a "scrificial plastic frame" to attach to a stronger carbon fiber frame. I used the HappyModel 85mm from amazon around 15 bucks. Also found using an exacto blade razor saw is about the best way to hack up a frame. No dremel or hours of using a file. Will be in the links. Also if anyone who happens upon this cant build one of these and wants one I am going to put a build service on my online store offering to build this for oneone who wants one that cant build themselves., Follow links at bottom.

This is 1s and may be the best power to weight ratio in a 1s whoop that I have felt yet. New T-motors are the heart of this build. Their new M1002 motors pull just under 47g's each while maxing at 5.2 amps. On paper at least. Was excited to get them yesterday for the long weekend. After a short fly its evident that the extended wheelbase and compressed X configuration of the frame makes this fly like something other than a whoop.

The frame is top notch. Came from CNCdrones. Called the Mantis and has extra braces included that I am not using. Without the braces the 1.5mm thick frame is 3.8 grams! Assembly started with the TPU strap for the battery and then the glass filled nylon stack screws. Have reny motor screws on the way. Going back and doing the battery strap after assembling everything else would be counterproductive. Make sure its first and dont tighten these all the way until the stack is on making it plumb.

I did the motors next for the convienance of having someting to perch my hand upon while soldering the I/O on the flight controller. I have a lot of nerve damage in my shouldrers so these are like ships in a bottle for me. The battery strap makes for a good route for the antenna on the FC. The motors need special screws, 1.4mm and I think by 6mm.

Flight controller is an F405 and with built in ELRS weighing in at 3.3 grams. Its not cheap but its worth it to have the extra cpu capability over the F411. Went TBS unify nano on a toothpick mounting board.

Ill be testing out betaflight tune and quicksilver tune today. If anyone wants to. build along this thing is sick. Sounds like larger quad with the bi-blades. The KV on the motors is perfect. Video coming this evening.

Canpoy is from a UZ-65 thingverse file I found and has the proper m2 holes for the stack screws. Also takes a runcam nano3 perfectly. Since Gemfan only makes the 2015 props in two colors there are not many choices. This is early build indication so anyone here can also nab the parts over this memorial day sale weekend. SAVE $$$$$!

I'm not sure yet but this may do a decent job with a runcam thumb. Leaving the extra stack screw height there thinking it may be usedul for. Will work on making a mount soon. Also, I have dogcom 150c on the way just to see. I used Tattu 500mah 95c with BT2.0 plugs. Want as much amp ready as possible for these motors.

Afterthoughts: If you went F411 FC - Diamond F4. You could save a gram+. Not braiding motor wires and trimming them, possibly another gram, I still need cut off the license plate slot on rear prop guards. May save another half a gram. May need to double up on nuts for stack screws since they areso thin. Use shorter grommets than what comes with FC.

Video coming. 4 fligjht controllers later.... I wont offer a build service as I am reminded that china makes crap we cant return when it doesnt work as advertised. The diamndf4 version builds out 30.6 grams with non braided wires.



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polibear   May 29, 2023  

nice build! I designed the mantis frame and it's really cool to see this build as I orginially designed it for open prop toothpicks. could you give me some more feedback on this frame to improve it? anything helps. thanks for checking it out!

polibear   May 29, 2023 

ill most likely be removing the arm braces or doing a different design for them in the next version as they aren't very useful right now.

Darylk   Jun 01, 2023 

My opinion is this frame rocks. During assembly I had two thoughts that probably are non relevant. On the warpig frame (2.5 inch) there is a slot method that allows for most mounting patterns. I ended up cutting off the portions of the frame that would support rubber band battery holder. This frame is fast. I own it both in 2s and 1s builds and it may be my swan song in FPV as I broke 4 flight controllers building this and I just dont have that kind of money spare.

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