AOS UL7 DJI 03 Long Range

By linhnpham on Jun 01, 2023

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AOS UL7 DJI 03 with Crossfire Nano Pro. The frame is only about 175grams. Installation is abit tricky. Since the arms are snap-on to both the bottom and top plates when it sandwich together, it tends fall out while I was working on building the guts. I use zipties to hold the arms down temporarily. It has plenty of space to work on. the head the middle and the back bays.... they can all holds fc stacks or air units. And you can mount 20x20,25x25 or 30x30 Stacks. The front mount is compatible with DJI original camera or DJI 03 camera.
I'm using BrotherHobby 2806.5 1700kv, ideally you want 1300 or 1500 for more effeciency. However, I've already own these motors so I just put them to good use.
I've flown with Zeee 6s 5200mah 100c lipo(730ish grams) and got about 15-20mins just crusing. The CNHL G+ 6S 2200 mah up 70c (395grams) will gives about 10-11mins cruising, not bad for a small lipo on a 7' quad.
Originally I had the dual antennas on the side but it annoying when straping the lipos on there, it gets in the way, so I moved the antenna to the back and runs 2 150mm u.fl to RP-SMA cable to the back for the TrueRC Matchstick antennas. Also I used Fettec Spike Absorber with a Panasonic 35A 1000uf capacitor.
So far it's performs well. I put an 85% throttle limit to make it more tame. The 1700kv motors are too snappy for my tastes especially on a 7" quad. I love the frame, its my first 7' build. I'm happy with it.



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J.scelsi   Jun 15, 2023  

i have the o3 airunit an the same stack as you. how do i connect the o3 to the fc. the cable doesnt fit that dji provided. sorry if its a dumb question im brand new to the fpv world

linhnpham   Jun 15, 2023 

no not dumb at all. its dumb that Tmotor decided to use a totally different connector and not put any addition soldering pads on the FC so you can solder directly. I had to use one of these connector... the end I'm holding goes to FC and the ither connect to 03.

maetthum   20 days ago 

sorry, but what cable did you had to use with the o3 and fc?

titanium   Aug 11, 2023  

I am building the same kwad, and i was wondering which TPU support you used for the antenna and GPS mount on the back ?
Thanks ! :D

linhnpham   Aug 11, 2023 

that tpu will fit M8Q and M10Q

titanium   Aug 14, 2023 

Thanks !

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