By watahboy on Jun 10, 2023

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The 2Fatty

Its been about 2 years since my last build and I decided to do something that is just kinda stupid and to satiate my curiosity. I wanted an ultralite capable of freestyling and able to use the DJI o3. I didn't expect to get the build under 250g and wasn't particularly trying. I went with an iflight blitz 55a aio after I realized the new 2fiddy doesn't ship with 30mm mounting... now I have a spare Speedybee aio to play with. Overall due to parts availabilty and a fried o3 unit and a fried blitz aio this build has taken me over 2 months to complete. She weighs in at around 288g and I'm constantly adding minor modifications since weather is keeping it grounded at the moment. I guess the highlight of the build is I've found the largest motors this frame can hold, the 23mm from FPVcycle that has a 12x12 m2 mount @1830kv with an m5 prop shaft. I finally got the HD OSD working and did some hovering, but am looking forward to taking it out tomorrow.

When the build fried the original AIO and o3 I decided to upgrade to racewire since I had to rewire the whole thing anyways. Sadly the screws aren't flush with the top so I had to upgrade the battery mat to the leftovers from my moongoat. I'll probably trim the battery pad away to shave some weight if it proves sufficient. I got some printed "legs" coming hopefully to protect the motors a bit since they seem vulnerable the way they hang over the edges.

Some notes:

  • The dji port didn't work with the HD OSD from betaflight 4.4, I had to break out the wires and use uart 7 for that
  • 2fiddy frame no longer supports 30mm boards
  • 3d printed o3 mount from newbeedrone
  • Antenna 3d print is from a Moongoat



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Madcatmike3d   Jun 13, 2023  

Ahh yea, the original 2fiddy had 30mm mounting.. Tommy got rid of it when he made the v1.5 able to accept an o3 air unit. Kind of annoyed me because I still run the 30mm iflight succex-a f405 aio. They have been super reliable, which is why I love using them. But yea, back to the normal aio size with this update. I wish he would have made 26mm vtx moutning (like the o3 has) however I'm sure he figured most people would be sticky taping it on. I really like mounting them with hardware. But oh well, can't get everything lol. It is such a perfect little quad imo. If you want to try a fun prop, throw on a set of 4.5" props with a lighter 6s pack. Absolute screamer.

watahboy   Jun 25, 2023 

Unfortunately its been a bit of a cursed build for me. I got about 2 mins flight time with a bunch of flutter and then then got a failsafe and now the o3 is dead. The flight before that I had no OSD (had to switch the tx/rx uart and that fixed it) although since I had no OSD I overestimated my 850mah and I ran it dead, it is all puffed up. Currently awaiting my second o3 replacement unit and been flying my moongoat all weekend. At least now I get to consider a new build for my spare parts. I want it to work so bad, can't wait for the replacement.

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