SpeedyBee Master 5 - DJI O3 Build

By Jayembee67 on Jun 21, 2023

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I hadn't actually intended to make the move to the DJI O3 system - I have the DJI FPV system, it's really good, I'm not flying as much as I used to, so the extra expense of upgrading seemed needless - I mean, the new stuff is stupidly expensive, and how much better can the Goggles 2 and O3 system be, right? But then my hand was forced by being gifted a set of Goggles 2, I have overly generous friends, and so I 'had to' gather parts and build out a quad.

The SpeedyBee Master 5 frame is a remarkable piece of work. When I think back to the laughable 'frames' we were using back in the early analogue days, this is just amazing - it's so well thought through. The carbon is lovely, of course, and the design is sleek and slick, but it's the little things that make this for me. Like the top plate having a separate part at the front, so it's easy to thread the power lead through, the plastic camera side plates being isolated from the metal frame to help reduce vibration, the stack being entirely isolated - the stack bolts don't touch any carbon, they sit in an injection moulded TPU mount fitted into the frame - the fact there is a gosh darned heat sink sitting in the frame that the O3 Air Unit sits on top of, and that all of the yellow TPU parts came with the frame - I printed almost nothing for this one, there was no need. Very impressive work.

Needless to say, with all these nicely thought through features, and excellent vibration reduction, the thing flies like a dream. Fast, smooth, agile. Wonderful. And of course the O3 system really is All That, and then some. The goggles and video transmission are beyond compare, and the fact the O3 Air Unit will record 4K@60 (or more even) is a game changing aspect - no more top mounted GoPro, saving weight, keeping the lines smooth, and no longer running the risk of destroying a $350 camera - which given how fragile the GoPro so called 'action cameras' have become in recent years, is pretty much guaranteed.

But that was when I discovered The Problem. I switched on the Rocksteady EIS, took the thing out, and all the video from that day was unusable - it was a mass of judders and jumps and strange tics. I went and did my research, and discovered it was a bit of a RTFM situation, and had I have done so, I would already have set my ESC PWM frequency to 48kHz, not the default of 24kHz. I made that change and tried it out, and it was a lot better, but there were still some jumps and tics coming through. So I hit up Thingiverse, and found camera mount side plates (thank you Ricky1661) that I printed in soft TPU.

And then tried again. And this time I would say that we are there. This is looking very nice now.

Hats off to DJI again, this is ridiculously good technology, it works so well. The transmitted video reaching the goggles is almost flawless so far, I am not sure how this is even possible, and the stabilised 4K recorded video is just lovely. This is without a doubt the best FPV quadcopter I own.



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Carioca_fpv   Apr 24, 2024  

that's a beautiful build mate!
I'm a newbie and buy the drone building in speedybee. did you use the PID and Filters custom or the originally from betaflight?

some tips to made it flying better?

lomokid   Aug 01, 2023  

I like how much work you put into details. Nice build!

Jayembee67   Aug 01, 2023 

Thank you!

BenScord   Jul 28, 2023  

Have you tried mounting a Go Pro On the drone yet?

Jayembee67   Jul 29, 2023 

I actually have not. The quality of the O3 footage is so good that I haven't really felt that I needed to try that out. And, in fact, I just swapped the frame on this build for the Master 5 V2, which is a bit more dead-cat-y, and so has no props in view. And from my recent tests of that, I definitely don't need to worry about putting a big, old, heavy GoPro on top - the video is superb.

BenScord   Jul 29, 2023 

What the max flight you can get out of it on some easy long range flying?

Jayembee67   Jul 30, 2023 

I haven't really tried that either - I have been confined to a local flying field of late and so have stuck to fairly active acro to make up for limited space. But I do have a couple of slower, slightly more leisurely flights on the SD card, and it looks like I am maxing out at 6 to 6 1/2 mins on a 1300mAh 5S. Which is good considering I am still throwing it about some. So with a bit of a bigger pack and some gentle cruising, I would think 7 to 8 mins at least, possibly more. Not having to haul a GoPro really does help.

IsaacMTSU   Jun 27, 2023  

How do you like those 4-blade props?

Jayembee67   Jun 27, 2023 

I like them very much. I actually put them on because they are 4.9", not 5", and the clearance at the front of the frame is a little tight, so a bit more room seemed a good plan. But they are very snappy, and there are claims that 4-blade props give more 'grip', which may or may not be true, but the quad is very locked in.

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