GepRC Crocodile Gep-lc7

By LynxFPV on Jun 27, 2023

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it flys and sounds like a beast of a machine, however, it is in need of serious tuning due to hot hot motors. Betaflight 4.3.3 presets have cooled them down about 40% and the filters presets have cooled them 20%, still to hot for my liking. Im not one to give up , so i will learn more in order to get this bird soring. and yes i so plan on going back and adding more solder to the motor wires on the ESC.
So, this build started out with the Caddx tarsier v2 camera and everything was built around that. picked it up outta the Armattan clearance bin for $45 ducks. always wanted one and finally got one. after receiving it i realized that none of the current builds i had had a 20×20 mounting holes behind the FPV camera. so i searched for one that did and found the Gep-lc7 on discount for a steal of a deal $20 on GepRC website main land China.
i painted the entire frame red anodized automotive spray paint so the carbon fiber would still show threw and it looks great! matched with red counter sunk washer and red and black motor wite mesh protector.
i have been watching FalconRadFpv for a few years now and saw that he had used the T-motor velox v3008 1155kv motors on a few of his 7" builds . after much debate i decided to go big and all on. they are a massive motor and extremely smooth.

Literally just received the GoPro mount base from the UK, picked it up off Etsy from TacoRc. i have many GoPro mounts i can use. the one in the photo i like to use most of the time. yet the GoPro mount with the gps mount on top is a good one. or even the vertical GoPro mount like tou can see on my GepRC Cinelog 35 performance edition build i posted.

The vtx on this quad is the Rush Tank Solo MAX. after its been run a few times it has proven to be extremely powerful with range and picture quality. and it fits nicely in the back of this frame. the internal fan is also pretty cool.

This build is the first build i am using a walf capcap on the capacitor. which i have housed inside an old lipo plug guard then heatshrinked.
i also painted the stock 3d prints from blue to a copper color, said red chrome....copper. the back sma/gps mount i had to drill a lager hole so i could pass threw the mmcx of the trueRC bardpole antenna. Then carve out a snug port hole to fit a half inch of the antenna down secure.
i may follow threw with finding a different frame for the components due to the amount of flex this frame has. yet will need to have the 20×20 mounting holes behind the FPV camera. Any advice?



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