The SnozzBerry

By vinnymail on Mar 28, 2017

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The Snozzberry is my 255 Martian build. I was looking for longer flight times and built more towards smoothness than power. It is a great flyer. I 3d printed all the parts out of sky blue tpu (motor vibration dampener, Gopro holder, battery pad, stackable rx holder, xt60 standoff mount. I got a nice metallic blue touch up paint and painted the edges and screw heads to all match. I added blue aluminium motor screws and blue lock nuts for the props. All heat shrink is also light blue. I was planning on mounting the LED Buzzer bar on the very back but with the 3d printed vtx holder/antenna holder that wasn't an option so i had to move them in 1 set of standoffs. Worked out well and hopefully adds some protection. They are bright and the buzzer is very loud.

Making changes to this build still. I didn't like the gopro mount, well i like it I just don't like having zipties and it jiggled a little bit. I could not find a good model on thiniverse so i took the mount i'm using now and combined it with another mount I saw on there. I printed it out last night and will be testing it today. I may need to adjust it a little in the model to get it out of camera view but here is the stl of the one I put together I have also ordered some pagoda antenna kits so i can make my own and print a matching pagoda cover.

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I can easily get over 5 minutes on a 1300 4s battery, i havent tried 1500 or 1800 yet but I should get some nice flight times



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P-Man   Apr 09, 2017  

Buying the same frame and LED/ Buzzer part. I was wondering how you mounted it. Sorry I don't know much because this will be my first quad build.

vinnymail   Apr 11, 2017 

I had planned on mounting it to the rear but my vtx holder was in the way. I hot glued it to the standoffs behind the flight controller and ran 2 zipties through the holes in the led bar around the standoffs. I was going to 3d print a mount but this has been working very well. they are very visible even mounted inside the frame. Here is a video from a friends quad. Snozzberry is the blue streaks in the video.

Xudus   Mar 30, 2017  

I like the name and love the color. Also, nice flying. I wish I had a huge field like that to fly at, but the AMA has all the good spots in my area and I refuse to join them just for that.

I noticed a little bit of oscillation at about 8 seconds into the vid as well as some other spots. Did you ever get that sorted out?

vinnymail   Mar 30, 2017 

I think it was my gopro mount, With the way the fpv camera mount was i could only get 2 zipties on it close together so it could wiggle, i was noticing it more on some flips but not others and my tune seems pretty close to being good. I still need to run a blackbox log in it. I printed a new mount that bolts down to the top but haven't had a chance to take it out again.

That field is owned by a church and has bike trails, it is a great spot but you have to hike about a 1/2 mile to the back where we usually set up. I don't bother too much with ama fields, too many people and too many issues.

Whiffles   Mar 28, 2017  

Those props sound great. Looks like a very smooth ride. What sort of flight times are you getting? Why not post the build pics here?

vinnymail   Mar 28, 2017 

I'm at work right now and didn't want to destroy all my data. I will add the build pics this evening when i get home. I took a lot along the way. I really like those props. I have tried a few different 6x4.5 bi blades and these are my favorite so far. I still have a set of Master Airscrews to try but they didn't match the color scheme so I have held off. with a 1300 4s i'm getting 5-6 minutes and landing at around 3.7 per cell.

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