Spare part build

By Hellcat105 on Jul 05, 2023

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I had a spare AIO fc/esc as well as a shit tonne of other random parts so I decided to try and build something mostly because I was bored. Little did I know I ended up creating a beast, this little thing is smooth af, has loads of power, and flies for 5-8 minutes of hardish freestyle. Runs off 550mah 3s packs and all up weight is 61g which I am very happy with. Honestly one of the best flying quads I have flown, and I have built/bought 20+ drones.

The frame is a damaged betafpv frame of some sort I forget the exact name but it was cracked on both sides under the screw holes where the FC would go. To stiffen it up, I (safely) cut up another frame to brace where it was perviously broken. So far it has held up well, I have done one session with it so far where I flew 6 packs and crashed a few times into the metal of a playground and no issues so far. Funny story as well, this frame was stuck in a tree (diff components though, was a 1s build at the time) for over 7 months before it eventually fell out, worked perfectly fine after, components still work fine to this day but moved to different frame after this one broke.

The motors are flywoo 1202.5 5500kv which I had lying around and they seem to work perfectly. Had to extend the wires as they were previously on a 2inch.

The AIO is a flywoo 13a 3s thing which I have used in a bunch of my 2s-4s micro builds (I think I have 6?? quads using this aio) and I have found this AIO to be the most reliable I have tried by far, I have only killed one by crashing into a puddle.

Camera is a caddx ant and it is ziptied to the frame bc one of the screw mounts on the camera is broken.

Vtx is some flywoo thing that is mounted in a wierd way but it works.

Running expresslrs ofc.

Ignore parts list, is not accurate



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Alurpal   Jul 09, 2023  

all up weight or dry weight 61g? pretty sure that battery alone is about 43g.

Hellcat105   Jul 09, 2023 

My bad i meant dry weight

wind_rapport   Jul 05, 2023  

Just the right amount of jank, and plenty of dank. Nice! Have any flight footage?

Hellcat105   Jul 06, 2023 

Not at the moment as im at my nans house snd stupidly forgot an sd card but I can post some in a few days

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