Super G Plus Efficiency Cruiser

By James17 on Jul 18, 2023

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This is my first 7 inch rig. There is no particular ryme or reason to the part spec of this build, I just used what components I could find second hand, that is with the exception of the Iflight 2604 motors, fc, and esc. I've gotten upwards of 10 minutes of medium-pace cruising (30-40mph) with a 1500mah 6s with a Hero 9 onboard. With the dual battery lead setup, using two 6s 1300mah packs in parallel, I get around 20 minutes at the same speed. It's been pushed out to almost 4 miles, so obviously I'm not one for extreme long range haha. But still pretty good!

Project 399 did an amazing job with this frame. It's extremely stiff with no play where the arms meet. No real tuning neccesary either as the supafly 7 inch betaflight preset works great! My only real complaints with this frame are the tight fit for the dji air unit, and the extreme deadcat layout which makes antenna mounting tricky due to prop clearance. However these problems can be remedied with the right 3d prints.

The iflight 2604 1650 kv motors compliment this frame nicely as well. I decided to use smaller, flatter motors for more efficiency at lower speeds and weight. It was definitely the right call! Iflight makes some of the best motors; smooth, efficient, and quiet. I also braided the wires for style points.

Hope you like the build! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding setup, parts, or flight characterisitics.

Here's a cinematic flight I did with the quad back when it was set up with analog:



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Pennywise   Aug 07, 2023  

Nice! Be careful!!! 7 inchers are addicting. Not that the smaller ones escape my wallet's reach...

I was looking at that frame, how do you like it? I might go X instead of DC though, I have enough DCs that I don't really fly that often (props in view don't bother me as much as I thought they would)

James17   Aug 08, 2023 

Thank you! Yeah 7 inches are very addicting haha! So far I'm liking the super g, but it's a bit hard of a frame to tune because of the extreme deadcat layout. I initially didn't have troubles with the quad in the old configuration, but recently I've had to swap flight controllers and have encountered troubles. It's also a bit cramped in the rear, especially if you use a full sized air unit. I would personally also go with an x configuration for a 7 inch, due to the easier tuning capabilities. Something like the AOS 7 comes to mind. But there are some frames that have a less agressive deadcat layout, such as the FPVCycle Cineglide 7 inch or the Chimera 7 that are also good options. . Interested to see your next builds!

Pennywise   Aug 09, 2023 

I agree. I have a couple 7 DC and do not enjoy them as much as the X. They are fine with 5", but I still like the X better. It just seems to fly smoother, but then again I am not tuning pro.

I caught the bug for 7" with my Spec7 from Five33. The thing is a beast and flies awesome straight out of BF with stock tune. I applied SupaFly's 7" tune and it is even better (watch out for an errant slider moving itself on the filter settings tab in BF!!! - seriously I had several flyaways upon arming!). Since that one I got a couple TBS Source 1 frames in 7" - they are DC and I don't like them much. They sit and collect dust.

The only gripe with the Spec7 is the lack of room, but I wedged a HD0 Freestyle in there, but don't think I could squeeze an O3 in there without some modifications. If I were any good with Fusion 360 I'd design some kind of cage to hold it all in, and I suppose an AIO would give you some more room, but I'll worry about that in a future Spec7 build.

BUT...what sealed my fate was the BangGod 7! This thing is more of a tank than the Spec7 (so far) and has zero issue hauling shit...I mean stuff. Not that the Spec7 had issues. But the room you have on the BangGod is way more spacious than any othe 7" I have. Though I don't have them all. Yet.

I was looking at the Super G Plus, but until they have it in X format I will pass. I might pick up one of their Super G in the meantime to see how I like it, but the prices are getting too high for glued together sheets. And buying 60+ frames in the last few months adds up. So I'll chill until then.

Have fun with that beast, they are too much fun.

Pennywise   Aug 09, 2023 

Forgot to mention: The Spec7 has a "hat" that can go up on the top plate so you can install something underneath it, like an O3 unit?

I think it is supposed to be used to light up the top, but I don't use LEDs as I don't race.

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