GepRC Cinelog35 V2

By LynxFPV on Jul 19, 2023

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After building the GepRC Cinelog35 performance edition (and breaking it) i decided to upgrade to the newest version. With my previous build i set out to construct the best cinewhoop in regards to flight performance while carrying a full size GoPro and a 6s 1300mah lipo. And i did it!
The Fpvcycle motors have a lot to do with how well it flys. Originally was going to go with 2106.5 motors yet after spending weeks researching and really enjoying the 25mm Fpvcycle motors on my 5", decided to keep with the idea that Fpvcycle knows what they are doing.
A few big reasons why i went with the V2 instead of rebuilding the performance edition is due to the position of the fpv camera more forward to the prop guards adding (i hope) more support in front end impact. As well as being able to strap the lipo down more securely to the much larger top plate.
as you can see in one of the pictures i had to modify the 3d printed FPV camera mount to allow for a steeper angle. did so by cutting out a small portion of the tpu so i could make the plug fit. down side of having the fpv camera up towards the front of the frame is that i needed to extend the wires a good inch.
3.5" is the perfect size for a cinewhoop in my opinion! longer flight times, capable of carrying more weight, and able to fly acro like a 5".
vtx is Rush Tank Solo
fpv antenna is Vas minion
fpv camera is foxeer predator micro
aio board is the GepRC f722 45a
led are 6s rated yellow (orange) from either or
i fly this with either 1100mah to 1380mah lipos. but prefer the five33 6s 1380mah 120c. and would like to try higher c rated lipos of similar sizes.
Have tried so many different 3.5" props. tri blades fly well for freestyle, 8blade is okay but not my favorite, 5 blade props from Hqprops fly the best. control in the high end is amazing even more so with low end control. had alot to do with the Fpvcycle 23mm shorts cinewhoop motors though.



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zonomo   Jan 20, 2024  

For the life of me, I can't get it to arm. Everything is working in Betaflight, all switches move, My RC is the Radiomaster Pocket ELRS. Any suggestions?

LynxFPV   Mar 25, 2024 

i use the tried and tested tbs mamba with the tbs crossfire module. i dont use elrs

minati3748   Jan 23, 2024  

auw w/GoPro mount no lipo is 333 grams (plus less than 5 grams with the weight of the mount screw). correct with the motors, 2350kv. Flight time is the awesome part.

Alurpal   Jul 20, 2023  

2350kv I presume? whats your auw and flight time with that 1380mah?

LynxFPV   Sep 07, 2023 

auw w/GoPro mount no lipo is 333 grams (plus less than 5 grams with the weight of the mount screw). correct with the motors, 2350kv. Flight time is the awesome part. While flyin 5 blade props i can average 5-6 minutes of fairly aggressive acro. it is crazy how well this cinewhoop flys. totally locked in. And thats flying with a Hero8.

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