Mr. Steve

By Pennywise on Jul 24, 2023

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$196 TOTAL

Super Cheap build. Total, this came out to under 190, USD! Readytosky Apex5 (a clone on the ImpulseRC Apex5 - the good one, not the EVO - sorry, I won't buy that).

Frame was something that China seems very good at, copying something someone else made but in a horribly ugly fashion. Seriously, how hard is it for them to copy something. They make it seem like it is the hardest thing in the world to do. It's not. Copying a 2D design is the easiest thing to do. Why do you guys make it so hard? How are you unable to make anything decent? Good lord.

Motors: Cheap ass China stuff, again they don't know how to do stuff...the screws to hold in these motors was only as thick as the arms were. How thin do you think people are using 2307 motors on? Spoiler alert, it's never this thin idiots.

Speaking of crap, I had a Foxeer LNA ELRS RX to throw on this, and throw it on I did. However, when flashing it I was getting errors on the crystal within it. Apparently it was expecting 40hz, but here I am at 41.xx. Okay, good job guys. Also the flasher states this is a unified target, not the actual Foxeer 2.4GHz one that the package says, the web site says, and the docs say. So flash it! Bricked. And it wasn't from the flash, it just stopped working shortly after flashing.

I replaced it with a SuperD, using the same wires already on the FC from the shitty Foxeer. Hey, it works! Somehow, BetaFPV is selling, or making, HappyModel EP1 Dual and packaging it as their own. The last 6 of these SuperD receivers have all had me flash with the HappyModel, despite there being a specific image for this particular RX within the ELRS configurator. Weird, but not out of the norm of these shitty ass people doing shitty ass stuff.

Stock settings, didn't even put my rates on yet. Flies okay. Need to throw SupaFly's 5" tune on there and put my rates on it.

I am getting tired of analog though. The image is nowhere near as good as the O3 that I have on some other crafts. If I could fit them on everything I would, but sometimes the frame won't allow it. Which is why I'm starting to thin the herd and will most likely just fly the 7" crafts. They are much more fun to fly, at least for me at this moment.

If I could just get CMW to be my sponsor, I would own the Street League! One can wish...

The prices that this "site" populates the items used for the build are as wildly inaccurate as they are wishful in their affiliation with monetary success. IOW: The prices are wrong, and probably don't contain their affiliate links that they force you into using. It is pretty close, but there are always sales and such that will lower it.

But I built this to prove that it is still possible to build a 5" quad for way less than most people are saying is possible. EVERYTHING on this was bought at pyrodrone, EXCEPT: the frame (AE), motors (AE), cable loom (I have tons of this from years ago). So, roughly, after tax and shipping, $196 total. I will say that it wasn't ideal as I had to wait on China shipping which is the most unreliable service aside from the shady ass sellers on AE. I don't do BG anymore, their prices are ridiculous and so is their service.


Part List


Readytosky Apex HD 5in - EnjoyRC

Flight Controller

SpeedyBee F405 V3 BLS 3-6S 30x30 Stack/Combo (F405 FC / 8Bit 50A 4in1 ESC)Default Title (18 builds)


2207 Brushless Motor

FPV Camera

Foxeer Nano Toothless 2 StarLight 2.1mm FPV camera 0.0001lux HDR 1/2" Sensor (32 builds)

FPV Transmitter

See Site


SuperD ELRS Diversity Receiver (13 builds)

Misc Parts

Lost Model Beeper & FPV FC 5V Loud Buzzer
See Site
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Pennywise   Aug 02, 2023  

Well, Mr. Steve had a motor go out ;(

The company that sold him to me through AE refunded the money, but wouldn't send a replacement. So I ordered two more sets of these motors (under 30 bucks a set of four). The motors are not unibell, though they look like it. The bell on the broken one I have come off the housing and is somewhere outside...

If I could find it in my yard I'd try and glue it back on, but I think it is past that repair.

I must say, the rest of the cheap stuff on this is holding up fairly well. I've only flown it about 5 packs before the bell flew off the motor, but so far so good. As soon as the replacements come in, probably in a month, I'll put a new one on and keep flying it.

Proof of concept is proving to pan out.

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