Purple MartianII 250 on budget

By miromir237 on May 11, 2017

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Parts choice


I wanted something easy to build and I wanted to go with 6" for some reason. So that is why I have choosen 250mm version of MartionII frame. You can buy spares for this frame which is a good thing.
Image of Frame


I wanted to use LUX FC but because it was not on stock I went with Omnibus F3 which was discounted at that time.


DYS DS30A ESCs are bit overshot (20amp) would be Ok as well but since they were so cheap I did not hesitated.


I wanted to keep the purple styling so I had to go with Purple edition of Racerstar BR2205-2300kv.

FPV Camera

I wanted a camera that accepts wide range of voltage. This Foxeer HS1190 does that but also does not fit the frame provided camera mount. Fortunately Foxeer provides it's own mounts and I can use them.

Frame preparion

I started with finising the carbon arms. I just filed the edges.
Then painted the edges with purple oil based pen ink marker.
Finally I assembled the frame and started deciding how to place electonic components.

Placing LC Filter and BEC

I decided to lead the battery lead from the back because I am afraid of cutting the lead by propellers if side mounted.
In the back section is adjustable BEC for powering FC with 5v (I have completly removed that linear regulator because of heat it produces). Right behind it is small capacitor plate (I would prefer normal Low ESR 470uF 35V capacitor but I was not able to find one on banggood).
BEC and Capacitor

In front section is LC filter for FPV gear.
LC Filter

Note: I have pre-tinned the PDB before assembling the frame.

Mounting motors

Not much to say here. I softmouted them with TPU pads. I have put little bit of blue loctite in the screwholes first.
Motors mounted

ESC installation

I have started with placing the ESC casings. Then I cut the motor wires, pre-tinned them and pads on ESC and soldered toghether.
Then I moved to cutting ESC power leads. I pretty much repeated the same thing as with motor wires (cut, pre-tin, solder to PDB).
ESC Installed

FC installation and soldering signal wires

I decided to place FC as seen on following picture.
FC Placement.

I have flipped the FC upside down and soldered 5v and GND from BEC that powers the FC to motor 4 through holes. Then I shortened ESC signal wires starting with motor 4 ESC. I could have use just signal wire but I kept the GND wire aswell in order to shield the signal from any interference. I have slowly moved to motor 3,2,1.

After all this was done I have flipped the board back. The final result is on the picture above. Looks nice and tidy so far.

I forgot to solder VBAT pins to main power lead but I got Vsens from Foxeer for now.

Electronics continued


I placed FS-X6B receiver at the back section behind the BEC and capacitor plate. I have put a bit of foam underneath so it is not restion directlz on the carbonfiber. I am using vbat sensing of the receiver and iBus port. I like connectors so I try to avoid cutting them of. Thus I soldered L bend pins to FC (Sbus/PPM holes) so that I cau use wiring provided with receiver.
FS-X6B receiver
FS-X6B receiver connection to FC

Matek LEDs and Buzzer

I figured out that it would be nice to use Futaba connectors also for this LED&Buzzer plate. Used some old ESC wire for Buzzer and created other one for LEDs from old CC3D PWM leads.

Camera and VTX

I decided to use LC filter inbetween my main power and VTX/camera. Thus I could not use provided connectors and had to direct solder vtx and camera power to LC Filter. I forgot to take picture of that but at least here is the result:
vtx Camera power

VIN and VOUT is directly soldered to FC so that I can use BF OSD.
vtx Camera connection to FC

Audio cables were shortened and connected directly together.

I also connected Foxeer camera VSens to LC Filter positive lead so that I can get this info directly from this awesome cam in case I do not like BF OSD.

VTX is mounted on top plate with right angle antena extension going through top. This does not seem to be very good solution because my XT60 is also in the back and antena is now in the way. I will have to decide whether to use the side mounted XT60 or place antena elsewhere.


  • Setup LEDs
  • Test Failsafe and transmitter range
  • 3D print Xiaomi Yi mounts


Part List


MartianⅡ 250 250mm 4mm Arm Thickness Carbon Fiber Frame Kit w/ PDB for RC Drone (18 builds)

Flight Controller

OMNIBUS Betaflight F3 AIO V1.1 Flight Controller with Integrated OSD Barometer Support SD Card (59 builds)


4X DYS DS30A 30amp BLHeli_S 3-5S ESC BB2 Supports Dshot600 Dshot300 Dshot150 Oneshot42 for RC Drone FPV Racing (17 builds)


4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2300KV 2-4S Brushless Motor Purple For 210 X220 RC Drone FPV Racing (10 builds)

FPV Camera

Page Not Found - Banggood.com (23 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine TX526 5.8G 40CH 25MW/200MW/600MW Switchable AV Wireless FPV Transmitter RP-SMA Female (120 builds)


2 x ZOP Power 14.8V 1500mAh 4S 45C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug


Team BlackSheep Tango 2 PRO Crossfire Radio Controller (14 builds)


FPV Drone Parts for – FPV Quad Drone Shop – Drone Racing Store (131 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session, 1080p (303 builds)

Misc Parts

Foxeer New 2.5mm 110 Degree F2.0 M12x0.5mm Lens IR sensitive (3 builds)

Misc Parts

Matek LED Tail light WS2512B with Loud Buzzer Dual Modes for RC Drone FPV Racing (40 builds)

Misc Parts

5Pcs Mini DC Adjustable Power Supply Buck Module Step Down Module

Misc Parts

CA$4.02 V2.0 470uf Anti-interference Parallel Capacitor Plate Capacitance Board 1-6S LiPo For Mini ESC RC Parts from Toys Ho (7 builds)

Misc Parts

Filter 25V 2A Input Reverse Polarity Protection for FPV Image Transmission FPV Video (4 builds)

Misc Parts

Lantian DIY Colorful Paint Ink Marker Drawing Doodling Pen for FPV Racer Drone 9 Color (6 builds)

Misc Parts

4 PCS 3D Printed TPU Anti-vibration Pad in for 22xx Series Motor Black Purple Red (8 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Battery Balance Charger (62 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (264 builds)


Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack PRO (4 builds)
See Site

Misc Supplies

TrueRC X-AIR 5.8GHz Crosshair Antenna (RHCP) (4 builds)
See Site
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Kbobiles   May 12, 2017  

I like the 180mm version, but wouldn't mind building a 250mm size quad. Please do keep us posted on how it flies.

miromir237   May 22, 2017 

It flies really well. Betaflight does really good job.

I fly it mostly with 6" props. I was able to switch to PT1 and remove all BF notch filters on 3S battery with motors only bit warm.
On 4S motors were getting bit warm so I brought back the notch filters after this test and motors are cool. So I can recommend 6" on 4S with PT1 and all notch filters. It is really joy to fly on 4S. Much more responsive than on 3S.

I still need to 3D print Xaomi Yi mount so that I can post some flight footage. And I also wait for FPV Googles. So far I was flying only LOS and I must say I like it more then my BeeRotor130 with is pretty agile but has more propwash and it is harder to maneuver in LOS flying.

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