Odonata Vista aka "Zero Tolerance"

By airrage on Aug 30, 2023

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Practically a ductless whoop 77mm frame. Got this frame from Armattan. I wondered how this would fly and how much I could push the envelope cramming a Vista in there. Only had 1102 8500kv laying around so I don't expect huge power, or do I? Weighed it in at ~40gr.. Maiden will tell.

The initial setup was already halfway done since I recycled the aio that didn't seem to be the issue when it came down from the sky in my Og mobigital. Turned out a motor "Aeolus" just decided to leave the chat mid flight smgdh. So no more Aeolus for me.

I figured being this tiny it'll need some serioud PID tuning so added a Flywoo BT module which I could not find room for so I slapped it on top.

Man this thing is tiny! Practically same size as the lipo. I did a test hover in my mancave and she flew well, enough. Immediately noticed less noise as it has no ducts to fight.

I'll be trying it out with the new Radiomaster Pocket tx I got in the mail today.
Hoping I find the time tomorrow and if the weather gods are with me to give it a little rip.

Obviously it has it's name from being redicilous small and very, very finicky to build.

Edit: Flies very good, zero jello. Avg 4.5m with 530mah 2s hv lipo. Love that it is very quiet for it's size. Going to try a couple flights with 380mah 2s that I have. And got to find a way to mount the lipo properly. I don't even see where I could elastics the elastics. It is the Odonsta frame from Armattan, link in description. Bought at dronefpvracer as that is closer to where I live.

EDIT 12/22/23 - Found 1S lipo mounts that I remixed for 2S use, no more fiddling with those elastics. Oh, and I sold the Radiomaster Pocket elrs a week after receiving, if felt nice and all but I guess I am grown too much to the t2pro with cnc gimbals.


Part List


Odonata Frame Kit By Armattan
See Site

Flight Controller

Jhemcu Gsf405a-bmi Aio Bmi270 F405 Flight Controller Blhelis 5a 4in1 Esc Elrs 2.4g Rx 1-2s 25.5x25.5mm For Fpv Drones Diy Parts


HappyModel EX1102 9000Kv (1.5mm Shaft) Whoop/Micro Motor 4 Pack (7 builds)


Hélices Tripales 40mm 1608 (8pcs) - 1.5mm - Gemfan (3 builds)
See Site

FPV Camera

Caddx Nebula Pro Polar Nano Vista, Kit d'unité aérienne HD FPV, système CaddxFPV pour lunettes DJI V2 (10 builds)


RUSHFPV Cherry 5.8GHz U.FL Lock Antenna 2 Pack - Red (RHCP orLHCP) (37 builds)


GAONENG GNB 4S 15.2V 530mAh 90C XT30 RC LiPo Battery FPV Quads Drone


TBS Tango 2 PRO FPV RC Radio Controller (106 builds)
See Site


DJI Goggles 2 - Ultra Low Latency 1080p/100FPS 4K/60FPS Digital HD FPV (22 builds)

Radio Module

Happymodel 2.4g ExpressLRS ES24TX Slim Pro TX module for X-lite & Tango2 (8 builds)

Battery Charger

HOTA F6 1-6S Quattro LiPo Acculader (3 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 PORTABLE SOLDERING IRON W/XT60 Power Cable (26 builds)


Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 Electric Screwdriver Cordless Lithium-ion Charge LED Power Screwdriver (9 builds)

Misc Supplies

4 x HappyModel EX1102 1102 8500KV 9000KV 10000KV 13500KV 2 3S Brushless Motor CW for Mobula7 HD 75mm 85mm Tinywhoop Drones
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pardonmefpv   Apr 28, 2024  

Hello! I just finished my build in the same vein, did some remodelling of files to get the cam and receiver to fit a little better in the quad, but having some trouble with the tune. did you happen to tune this and if so do you have a tune you would share? I included a pic of build and would be happy to share 3d print files with you!

airrage   Apr 29, 2024 

Hi, thats awesome! can't see your pic tough. Mail me at pjurebusiness@hotmail.com and I will share my tune with you. Qurious to your stl as well. greets

mitchrdunn   Jan 06, 2024  

Can you share the battery mount stl's?

mitchrdunn   Jan 06, 2024 

nvm, found them on Thingiverse. Thanks for posting

Moehrenbaum   Sep 30, 2023  

How hard was this to build? I consider a remix of this for my very first drone, since it fullfils all the wishes I have for a drone.
Edit: Would also love to see some flight footage

Wade   Sep 22, 2023  

any footage of a punchout or a link to your youtube of you flying this? very interested in this build

airrage   Sep 26, 2023 

I must have stored on my goggles. when I find time I will put something online.

Blacklabs   Aug 30, 2023  

Finally!! An HD KingKong 90GT!! This really reminds me of the micros of old! Good work man. This has inspired me to pull out my box of abandoned quads for the winter! Thanks for the inspiration!! 😍😍

Blacklabs   Aug 30, 2023 

4s? 3s............Im just thinking about the Kv? 90GT was around 40g, 8500Kv 1103, and that was awesome on just 2S!!

airrage   Aug 31, 2023 

2S HV 4.35v is where it's at. more than enough for this thing to rip. 10k kv preferred but we'll see how this performs

Black Labs   Aug 31, 2023 

Thank you for the clarification. I just saw 4S on the build list and thought, huh?!?! Again, nice work man! 🥰

wind_rapport   Aug 31, 2023  

please return to post links to flight footage! Looks tight

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