Crux 35 Baby Ape

By cabmatthew on Oct 10, 2023

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The Crux35 FPV drone frame is a purpose-built platform designed for the DJI Vista camera system. It's all about finding the sweet spot between performance and user-friendly design. One standout feature is the quick-release canopy, requiring just one screw to be loosened for easy access to the flight controller and VTX. This means you can get in and tinker without any fuss. The frame is also thoughtfully designed with cross bracing, allowing you to securely strap your battery in place using standard battery straps. It's tailor-made for 1203 - 1204/1303 2-3S builds and 3-inch props. With a 122mm wheelbase, it strikes the right balance between nimbleness and efficiency by keeping the air around the props clean. You can choose between 3mm or 4mm thickness, depending on your build noise tolerance and weight-saving preferences.

My build:

This drone started out as a Baby Ape Pro V2 from DarwinFPV. Multiple changes were made to the drone as my expectations increased for the capabilities of the quadcopter. I found the lack of range of the original analog FPV system of the Baby Ape, and wanted to upgrade to DJI to greatly increase the range.

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Here, on the left, is an image of the completely assembled drone with the Crux35 frame and the empty Baby Ape Pro V2 frame. There is a slight difference in size of the two frames. Since the Crux 35 frame is slightly larger, it allows more space between the props and vital components.

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In this image on the right, you can see the zip ties which are connected to the standoffs. These zip ties function to prevent the battery lead from moving and making contact with the propellers. Without the zip ties, the battery lead would move freely and likely get sliced by the propellers, leading to a loss of power or a short circuit. You can also see how compact the build is, since it is a toothpick frame after all. There isn't much space between the flight controller and the Caddx Vista, but there is still enough room to run the wires to wherever they need to go.

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Here on the left, you can see an image of the original baby ape frame with all of its original components. Almost all of the components in the image have been changed. The only remaining original components are the flight controller, and the ELRS receiver. The motors, propellers, frame, VTX, camera, and VTX antenna have changed.

My other gear includes the Radiomaster Boxer and the DJI FPV Goggles V2. Both were purchased off of Facebook Marketplace and they work perfectly. The drone simulators I've been using are Velocidrone and FPV Freerider.

Here's a link to a video I took with the Runcam Thumb Pro on the drone!



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Micro enjoyer   Oct 10, 2023  

I have the exact same motors on my build, it's a babyape v2 frame. I'm using gemfan 3018 biblades but I'm wondering if any triblade props would be better.
Any suggestions?

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Micro enjoyer   Oct 12, 2023 

ok, I was thinking about whether to use higher or lower pitch props

airrage   Oct 12, 2023 

3016 tri from gemfan are the sweetspot imo. 3020 becomes less inefficient. I'd suggest buy a couple of both and test them out. Props are the cheapest parts on a drone anyway. GL

Micro enjoyer   Oct 12, 2023 

I'm able to get up to 10 mins of cruising now so it's pretty efficient, thanks for the advice

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