Hybrid 7" Cruiser/6" RIPPER!!!

By sfonkter on Oct 10, 2023

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This is my 8S-capable hybrid quad!
I built it a while back as an experiment, and now it's my favorite build.
The flight controller and ESC are both 8S capable, and the motors are 2806.5 1300kv, which are great for spinning 7" blades efficiently on 6S voltage or screaming with 6" blades on 8S voltage! Here are the configurations I use most often:

  1. 6S 2800mah (I run two 1400mah LiPos in parallel) with 7" tri-blades gets me 7-8 mins of aggressive cruising. Smooth and flowy! Lots of momentum to keep in mind and play around with. (I'll try and upload a DVR at some point)
  2. 8S 1100mah (I run two 4S LiPos in series) with 6" tri-blades gets me 2.5-3 mins of aggressive freestyle. Snappy and floaty! Feels super locked in and floats very well. (Watch the DVR below and you'll see how snappy it is)

A couple random notes:

  • I originally had a 7" build on an "ultralight" frame (look at my previous build), but it was impossible to tune; way too noisy. The TBS frame is a lot heavier but it's also way more durable and less noisy, plus it's cheaper!
  • The 8S 1100mah setup is like a rocket but only gets ~3 mins of flight time. I've also tested 8S 1500mah; it is a bit heavy, but voltage sag is improved. I'm planning to test ~1300mah and see if that's a sweet spot! I'm also interested in trying 8S packs (instead of running two 4S packs in series) to save weight, but I don't have an 8S capable charger.

Quick DVR video (sending 8S!):

On 8S it has a tendency to de-sync every now and then (maybe once every 4 or 5 packs), but has always recovered and hasn't caused any crashes (yet). At the beginning of the DVR you can see it happen and almost send me into a treetop (28 seconds). Other than that it's super locked in!



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rawedition   24 days ago  

Nice build!

HFNR_fpv   25 days ago  

Nice build! Have you had any troubles with motor 4 not spinning?

sfonkter   25 days ago 

thank you! No, i haven't had issues with motors not spinning, aside from the occasional desync that I mentioned. Why do you ask?

HFNR_fpv   25 days ago 

i got troubles with bidirectional Dshot and motor 4. Wiring m4 to the LED pad and resource the pads via CLI should fix this (Manual). Its not working in my case. What Betaflight version are you using?

sfonkter   25 days ago 

what ESC are you using? If it's not BLheli32 then it may not work with bidirectional dshot. there are alternate firmwares and ways around that limitation but I think it is a pain in the ass, and the best advice I can give you is to just disable bidirectional dshot if you cant get it working. otherwise you will spend way too much time trouble shooting when you could be having fun flying!

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