Fragile 4SX-UL

By VincentFPV on Oct 12, 2023

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This is a one piece Forged Carbon frame made in 3d printed form.



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thomasfrank   Oct 27, 2023  

Your design is absolutely impressive! I really like it. pokedoku

thomasfrank   Oct 27, 2023 


Jodie Froster   Oct 13, 2023  

This is a really great looking build, planning wise. I have been thinking about making a carbon fiber frame for a while, but not the traditional design, cut from plates. What was your process, as far as the material you used, and the way you put it into/cured it in the mold? Is it recycled from other frames that have broken in the past? I don't know a ton about the process, I just heard that it's (forged carbon) made from broken pieces, and it has good compressive strength compared to other types of carbon fiber.

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Jodie Froster   Oct 14, 2023 

Fascinating. I love the molds, and the process. How does it fly? I know that typical carbon fiber is chosen for it's tensile strength, but that comes from fibers running the length of the parts. Does this frame handle vibrations well? Is it durable?

VincentFPV   Oct 14, 2023 

The project is named Fragile because I was expecting that it will be more fragile than normal carbon. But when I started to make the arms from straight fibers it gained extreme rigidity. :D This specific frame is not made for any crashing but I think it will manage to survive some crashes. I have another frame for freestyle (i will upload it today) and it is on a heavier side but I crashed it straight to a brick wall and nothing happened. :D it has similar design but the arms has 8x5mm in the widest part and 5x5 and the tip. But You can stand on it. :D

Jodie Froster   Oct 18, 2023 

Wow! I'm glad you are checking this out. I like seeing the difference that materials like this, or G10, make in a build

Jodie Froster   Oct 13, 2023  

Is that mesh under the AiO some kind of RF shielding?

VincentFPV   Oct 13, 2023 

It definitely is. I use it just in case any interference comes from ESCs. It is a long range quad and I want the signal as clean as possible in CF frame. Here is what I used.
It is taped on a 3d printed plate with small standofs for the AIO unit.

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