Vulture v1

By himynamesjoel on Nov 12, 2023

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I'm finally getting around to posting my Vulture build, frame by Straw Hat Aerial. I didn't quite get the flight characteristics I was looking for out of my last build so I decided to look into 6" frames and the possibility of flying a DSLR since thats the natural next step to evolve into for cinematic FPV. At that time I was mainly flying a Five33 Footy frame I was gifted that I moved my electronics from another quad into and loved the characteristics in the way the frame flew for my style of flying. A friend of mine was really into this new cinelifter frame he built up and when we went out on some test flights he told me about Straw Hat Aerial and the plans to release a 6 inch "mini-cine" that looked similar to the Footy I was flying. I looked it up and saw the videos posted by Straw Hat Sam and proceeded to buy all the parts I needed on the spot and wait for the frames availability; this was early 2023.

After I got the frame and the parts needed to get it built, I had the quad flying within a week bare bones with a crossfire nano rx and the O3 system. I was researching the newer M10 GPS units while I was waiting on some random rc shop on the east coast(I'm on the west coast) to send me the last crossfire diversity rx I could find at the time and picking out a buzzer to round out the Vultures initial "completed" stamp. During the waiting periods a lot happened with family members passing that halted my plans and then the very hot summer slowed down the hobby activity for me.

Fast foward to present time and the quad is fully built up with GPS rescue accidentally tested and working. I wasn't looking for a long range mountain surfer with the AUW being on the thicc side but slapping a 2800mah 6S RDQ battery gets me around 7-8 minutes of smooth cruising with a 6x3.5x3 prop. I'll try one of the newer li-ion batteries and see what kind of cruising times I get for the chill flights but the majority of my flights will be more aggressive on the throttle with less need for major elevation climbs. At around 25degree cam tilt the easy cruising speed of this quad is around 59mph(95km/h). I flew out 2.5 miles at around 250ft elevation and turned around to complete a 5 mile round trip with some power to spare on the 2800mah 6s. I do have some cinematic mountain surfing plans but I don't have to travel too far or venture deep through fire roads to find places to capture some good video where I live. Future plans are to get into flying DSLR's for my friends projects and make my videos for fun and just keep feeding my love to learn and build and engineer.



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Billie34   29 days ago  

It looks great, I really like it bitlife

Straw Hat Sam   Nov 15, 2023  

She a thiccc beauty

himynamesjoel   Nov 16, 2023 

I've got a question! What if I don't have the 7" arms but I can safely fit 7" props on the 6" arms?! Seeing if you tried that out and if you suggest I just go with the 7"arms! Thanks!

Straw Hat Sam   Nov 17, 2023 

7 Inch props I believe will collide with the camera fang parts if used on the 6 in arms. So I recommend using 7 inch arms.

himynamesjoel   Nov 12, 2023  

I forgot to add the Footy is in there as the inspiration to get the Vulture and I will work on getting the chunky weight down but the way the weight is carried and thrown around is a joy to fly freestyle. Much different freestyle feel compared to the Footy.

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