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By truckz on Nov 14, 2023

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Getting back into FPV after a long hiatus. This here is a fun, small build to work on my building and soldering skills. Beware the HD port on T-Motor FC! - the pins were not correct for stock O3 cable. I had to re-pin the connector, which is quite tedius. Having flown it now, I don't think my choice of props was correct. I will try some of the recommended quad blade HQ props as soon as I can get some.

Maiden flight:

The feeling is off. I think the 2512 props have too little thrust. At full throttle, I couldn't catch my fall and hit the ground pretty hard. They are also extremely loud!! I could hear them screaming from across the soccer field. A bystander commented. I replaced them with EMAX Avan Rush 2.5x1.9 while waiting for the quad blade props to arrive. They are a little better handling - also somewhat loud.

Update - May 2024:
I started another build (7" long range) and pulled the O3 air unit and camera out of this one. I replaced it with analog camera, vtx, and antenna. I also added a buzzer that was pulled from a Geprc Mark5 so I can locate this sucker in the tall grass. I got myself a Bambu Lab P1S and replaced all the TPU prints. While I was at it, found a 3d print file for the Elrs antenna (thanks Quadmula!) to replace the zip ties previously used.
Quad blade props make a huge difference - should have gone with those at the start like Quadmula recommended. I'm getting lots of thrust and hang time, plus they are not very loud.
GNB 6s 550mah batteries to keep it under 250g when needed. I'm getting over 8 minutes of flight time with the 650mah batteries.


Part List


Djinn F25 Split (3 builds)

Flight Controller

T-Motor Mini F7 HD & 45A Combo Stack


4 x T-Motor F1404 Micro Long Range Motors 2900KV (2 builds)


EMAX Avan Rush 2.5x1.9x3 Props (2 builds)


HQProp Durable DT63MMX4 Quad-Blade 63mm Cinewhoop Prop (2CW + 2CCW)

FPV Camera

RunCam Phoenix 2 Special Edition Micro Analog FPV Camera - Black

FPV Transmitter

T-Motor FT800 800mW 5.8GHz 37CH Adjustable Analog VTX


FlyFishRC Osprey 5.8Ghz 90mm MMCX 90 Degree Antenna - RHCP 90mm


Foxeer ExpressLRS 2.4G Receiver LNA - T-Antenna


4 x GAONENG GNB LiHV 6S 22.8V 650mAh 120C XT30 LiPo Battery FPV Drone Quadcopter (2 builds)


4 x GAONENG GNB LiHV 6S 22.8V 550mAh 100C XT30 LiPo Battery FPV Drone Quadcopter


【B086】2PCS Explorer 750mAh HV 15.2V 80C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack - XT30 (2 builds)


RadioMaster Boxer Transmitter (ELRS)


SKYZONE SKY04X PRO OLED 5.8G 48CH Steadyview Receiver 1920X1080 DVR FPV Goggles Head Tracker Fan for RC Airplane Racing Drone (2 builds)

3D Printed

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Misc Parts

Ummagawd UMMAGRIP Lite - Super Sticky Battery Pad (4 builds)
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DeyronUsa   Nov 14, 2023  

nice, i tried those props and the GF2023 too. also emax and gf2540. the latter are better, but toss up.
I wish the frame was lighter or had 3 inch arm option.

truckz   Nov 14, 2023 

thank you. I have also ordered a set of the Emax Avan Rush to try. I'm also a little surprised by the weight. I removed the ND filter and the TPU arm guards but it only saved 5g. Would probably need a naked O3 to get it under 250g with the 6s I chose.

ztall0880   Jan 03, 2024 

i used naked 03 and still beyond 250g, i use 850mah, i may take some 650mah , and i'll be 2+g... with new regulations in europe... it makes life harder with the hobby.

truckz   Jan 03, 2024 

That is good to know. Thank you.
As much as I like this frame and enjoyed the build, I'm going to stop pursuing sub 250g with this one.
I'll keep it and bash it around but I'm not a big freestyle guy. More into long-range. So the next build will be more focused on that.

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