Pusher 65 - V4 Spezilicious65

By SpeziLover on Jan 07, 2024

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Pusher- V4 Spezilicious65

This is the Pusher version of my latest 4 in 1 frame, the Spezilicious V4 Quattro. You don't know what I'm talking about? Please check out https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32011

New Carbon base plate

As you probaply know the old version Spezilicious was a pure Pusher whoop. In V4 there are some updates. The carbon plate in the Spezilicious V4 works now as a base plate. This gives us the advantage to mount our motors completly on the carbon plate. That's why plastic struts of the whoop frame are no longer needed. A benefit because by removing the struts we can generate significantly better airflow. Instead of the previous 6 struts per duct, as with most Whoops, we now only have the two carbon struts per duct. Because we still want to fly a whoop and not a naked frame, we still need ducts. I thought about making some by my own, but in my opinion the best material is PP of Betafpv’s whoop frames.
I use the outer frame of a Betafpv Meteor65 Pro Frame. We just need the ducts and nothing more. This has the following benefit:

  • Separation between ducts and frame. (Quickly replace)
  • You can use damaged Meteor Pro Frames with broken struts for a Spezilicious V4 Pusher Build

Airflow and new battery position

Another benefit is that we can now mount the duct frame correctly according to the airflow. This means that the side with the larger side of the duct faces up. So it favors the suction of air. The other side, which becomes narrower towards the bottom, faces downwards now. The duct frame is attached to the nylon stack build screws.
In order to maintain the full stiffness of the carbon and to have a compact center of gravity, Fc and Lipo must be mounted on the carbon plate. That's why I created spacers for the Duct frame. The battery is mounted between the duct frame and the carbon plate using my minimized lipo mounts. pacers are included in the Pusher kit. These are inserted over the stack screws. They provide stability and at the same time have the required size to make space for the battery. Weight of my Build is 18.9g.

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Wanna see all versions of the new Quattro V4 ? Check out https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32011



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flaviouz   Feb 09, 2024  

Hello, cool looking build. Any way we can purchase the frame?

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