Walksnail Touring 122 - Digital 2s 3in

By oak on Jan 12, 2024

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My first quad/build! Targeting a digital toothpick size and flight style with Quad 66's touring 122 frame. This may have been bold for a first FPV experience, but I have yet to break in and tune this quad, so we will see...


  • Motors are the 5500kv 1303.5
  • Props do need hardware (not shown in cover image) since they are 1.5mm shaft motors
  • About 73g without battery and 104g with 550mah 2s batteries
  • The through holes on the frame under the motors are slightly small so be careful when sourcing motors as large e-clips on the bottom will be an issue.



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mateuszjasek   3 days ago  

I'd love to hear more about this build. Flight time, it's power, etc. Flight video would be great!

u7_er   17 days ago  

Where can I see a video of the assembly and flight of this model?

789clubwebvn   Feb 28, 2024  


Franchesko   Jan 29, 2024  

Wow, this really great!

oak   Feb 20, 2024 

Thank you!

johnsonkahili   Feb 15, 2024  

Very nice build. I have one similar in two inch. I was wondering, I thought of building a 3 inch version like yours but using the fullsize Avatar pro-vtx and micro avatar cam. From your flight perfomance, do you think your build could support that? Also have you tried 1202.5s? That might help with your amp issues although mounting holes might be smaller.

oak   Feb 20, 2024 

That might be on the heavier side for this build, and might max out the FC stack height on the touring frame, but it could be possible. If you are going to try it, I might aim for a 3s just for a more enjoyable flight time.
As for the 1202.5 motors, I am not opposed to trying them out, but that will probably come after a board change. I have been having issues with the Darwin board losing TX and Gyro after very minor crashes.

quad66   Jan 24, 2024  

Are you getting any of the canopy in view with that camera? Also, how is the clearance between the camera and the stack? I'm wondering if the canopy works for walksnail or if I need to do a dedicated one for walksnail?

oak   Jan 24, 2024 

I am getting a little of the canopy in view at 16:9 and uncropped 4:3. At 4:3 Full there is no canopy in frame.

As for clearance, I have about 1 mm to 1.5mm between the camera cable and the top edge of the VTX when fully assembled which seems reasonable to me. If I were using a walksnail camera with a rear housing, this clearance might be an issue. I have uploaded an image to the build that shows the side view of the clearance as best as I could.
Also note, the VTX is mounted really high above the AIO due to the annoying orientation of the usb port. I am sure stack height varies based on how integrated your flight controller is, but just a consideration.

Propflopper   Jan 24, 2024  

Awesome build!
I'm building my own any day now

Propflopper   Jan 24, 2024 

I like the lens protector you have on that walksnail cam.
Where did you get it?!

oak   Jan 24, 2024 

Its 3D printed and included in the build links above.

I thought it was cool looking and it works well, but does require some additional tiny mounting hardware to fasten to the walksnail 1s lite camera. The M2 frame mounting hardware may also strip the holes in the print at some point, so you might want to print a few of them.

Propflopper   Jan 24, 2024 

Oh super!
I found it now
I think the mobile version of the site is a little wonky for me.

quad66   Jan 15, 2024  

That's and ambitious first build!

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Propflopper   Jan 24, 2024 

What do you think about the new RCinPower 1303 plus motors?
I just picked up a set in 8000kv
Is that way too spicy for a 2-3s build with a slight motor output limit?

quad66   Jan 24, 2024 

I haven't tried them yet but am curious to see how they compare to the 1204. I'm thinking 8000kv is 2S only, 6000kv 2-3S, and 5000kv 3-4S. I feel a little stuck deciding foe myslef between 8000 and 6000.

Propflopper   Jan 24, 2024 

I figured I would be alternating between the GNB 2s 530's and the 3s 380's, and just use the automatic profile switching to switch between 2s and 3s tunes (the 3's tune will have a 66-70% motor output limit on there)

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