By LowDash on Feb 05, 2024

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This build was very finicky. I worked on it off and on for about five months, but in the end, I'm really happy with how it came out. I managed to cram a 12A AIO with serial ELRS (a must), a Walksnail VTX, beeper, and GPS all in this frame.
This BetaFPV AIO has a plastic JST connector and adapter to USB C. The connector was too tall for the stack to even pretend to fit, so I desoldered it and extended it out with some wires. You'll see it on the port side sticking up next to the battery holder.
The GPS mount was actually the camera mount that came with the frame kit, but I just cut the upright loops off flush with some side cutters then used some E6000 glue to attach the GPS. It has to be mounted sideways otherwise the wires interfere with the top plate and battery holder. Fortunately the wires can sneak back into the frame through a lower hole. In this configuration I can still adjust the camera angle from straight ahead to further up than I'd want to take this cruiser, probably 35 to 40 degrees. At max tilt, the GPS can definitely be seen in the goggles.
The camera is mounted upside down with the MIPI cable sticking up to make room for the buzzer and ELRS antenna. The orientation can be flipped in the goggles.
I've only test flown it in the basement, so I'm not yet sure of the flight time. I opted for this AIO as well because it supposedly has a strong BEC that can handle more current than usual for the Walksnail VTX so it doesn't brown out at the low voltages that a LiIon cell can handle. I'll try it out one day this week.



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Rotorenpilot   10 hours ago  

Hi, nice build. I second those "please DVR" requests and admire the courage to run this with a digital system. Well done, and if it works that would also speak strongly for Walksnail. The JST to USB-C solution is a bit weird from my viewpoint...why not just use a regular USB-C extension? Is there a weight advantage?

Tokyo_Dom   1 day ago  

Nice one, i recently built one of these too (but with smaller motors) - havent posted it here on RB yet. I highly recommend going with the Fractal Engineering Boostyboi voltage regulator so you dont waste 30-40% of your flight time not being able to go under 3.2v. You can fly down to 2.4v with a boostyboi. I'd be curious how you go with flight times, since i am thinking you might be close to 70g with the bigger motors you have.

Jodie Froster   1 day ago  

I am impressed with your tetris like fitment!
I am worried that you are going to brown out on smol punches due to your high weight single cell power system, and digital vTx.
I think you have enough weight to necessitate a 2 cell setup at minimum (especially since you are going LiOn, instead of LiPo).

wind_rapport   7 days ago  

dang been interested in doing a similar build - Looks clean! Have any DVR?

airrage   13 days ago  

Nice!! Flight times ?

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