TKS Rocket Race 75mm aka Ratchet

By MonkeyDFPV on Feb 27, 2024

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Inspired by Nick Burns with the exception of me wanting to go 1s.

Jack's 3D printing TKS race rocket 75mm frame 2mm thickness
Current weight is 28g
Losing 6 grams with swapping over to a smaller, lighter motor with more kv, and going with a lighter camera really made a gigantic difference in flight characteristics. This now feels like my 75mm whoop with more agility and speed. My camera angle is pretty high right up and this little micro is a rocket through the park. Its small and quiet and has plenty and power to speed through a playground and hit gaps super fast without worrying about durability to the AIO and camera. Newbeedrone's goober digital canopy is probably the strongest canopy ive ever used on a whoop/micro. The motors aren't very durable, I've already broken 1 motor and had to replace it which is the reason why i will not get rid of the plugs on the AIO. This micro is made for durability and is my park ripper when i want to fly low and fast in tight areas.

Current Setup*
HGLRC spectre 10a elrs AIO w/400mw vtx + bt2.0
Happymodel 0802 25000kv motors
newbeedrone goober digital canopy
flywoo nano v3 camera
dipole antenna
Gemfan 1610 bi blade props

Previous Setup
auw 34g dry, 45.5g + GNB 450mah a30 battery.
HGLRC spectre 10a elrs AIO w/400mw vtx + bt2.0
BetaFPV 1102 22000kv motors
newbeedrone goober digital canopy
caddx baby ratel 2 analog camera (my favorite camera)
ORT micro vee linear vtx antenna
gemfan 1608 3 blade 40mm props

*after trying these props i am going to try the gemfan 1635 prop and possibly upsizing to 45mm props. 45mm seems a tad tight but i think itll work without grinding anything.

i am not pleased with performance overall with battery life. So I am going to cut some grams down by swapping motors(0802 25000kv happymodel motors), which should cut roughly 3- 4 grams on the motors. Going down another gram or two using a custom tpu canopy and a caddx ant lite fpv cycle edition fpv camera instead of the caddx baby ratel. That will go onto my carnage. the 1102s will go onto my 75pro thats been hurting for some new motors. This should hopefully get me down to 28g and hopefully that will improve flight times.



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