Sub250 5" Long Range

By Dave_C FPV on Mar 01, 2024

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Imagine it's 2019, and I've just whipped up this nifty little thing called the MicroLongRange. Fast forward to now, and the FPV world has done a lot of growing up. So, I figured, why not take another crack at making a super light long-range flyer, but this time aim for something even more ambitious? Picture this: a sleek five-inch drone frame that can snugly fit a DJI O3 Unit and GPS, all while keeping the scale tipping under 250 grams. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Crafting this frame was like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in the dark. I churned out prototype after prototype, 3D printed model after model, until my desk looked like a drone graveyard. But, perseverance paid off, and I finally crafted something I liked looking at—so I decided it was time to immortalize it in carbon fiber.

I opted for light 5" propellers paired with 1804 motors. A 4S setup with a chill 2600kV. What does this mean in plain English? This baby flies smooth and steady for 7-8 minutes on a 750mAh 4S battery. Sure, it could lug around a 18650 4S battery, but at that point, you might as well toss the 250g limit out the window.

I've yet to take it for a real test drive in the mountains, but the backyard? Stellar. Plus, it's whisper quiet. The big question now: Will this become the next big thing in the Rekon lineup? I'm crossing my fingers, but there's a tiny voice in my head worrying about whether it's too delicate for the drone newbie or the casual flyer. Only time and additional testing will tell.


Part List

Flight Controller

HGLRC Zeus25 V2 AIO 3-6S F722 25A I RC-HANGAR15, 84,99 €
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4 x FlyFish RC Flash 1804 2450kv FPV Motor I RC-HANGAR15, 16,99 €
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HQProp Durable T5X2X3 Light Grey
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FPV Transmitter

DJI O3 Air Unit Transmission Module (27 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1491 builds)


Tattu R-Line 4s 750mAh 95C Lipo XT30 (2 builds)
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holdenmagroyn   May 19, 2024  

My explorer LR and Rekon5 are my favorite quads. Cant wait to purchase the Rekon250!

Vincent12FPV   Apr 02, 2024  

It looks great ! is there any chance that you'll post blackbox data to see the vibrations performance ?

Synaptik   Mar 01, 2024  

MicroLongRange has been my favorite drone to fly since its launch. I'm very curious to hear more about this new creation!! Hope we get to discover it!

Davidpe   Mar 19, 2024 

Same! Still love mine too

Bflowfpv   Mar 19, 2024  

Sieht super aus! When can we have a crack at this?
jim, bflowfpv

Sugalime3D FPV   Mar 14, 2024  

Awesome !

wind_rapport   Mar 07, 2024  

Damn I would 100% buy this. It's like a giant rangey-toothpick. Would love to see flight footage!

mitchrdunn   Mar 04, 2024  

I would hope that consumers would expect a setup like this to break in a hard crash. I prefer a light setup to heavy bando bashing. I look forward to all that comes from you and HGLRC here soon.

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