Tubular 8 inch long range drone with 3D printed parts

By moro.dynamics on Mar 17, 2024

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This is my custom 8 inch long range drone I've been working in the last months. The frame is based on the 8-inch frame designed by eyefly using carbon fibre tubes and 3d printed parts. I had to change some 3D prinded parts from the original design in order to fit bigger bolts. All my files are uploaded on my thingiverse profile as a remix Tubular 8inch LongRange frame.

Frame changes to the original version:

Clamp motor parts (front and back) were adjusted to be used using M3 bolts. I use the Emax ECO II Series and they came with M3 bolts. Clam motor holes for carbon fiber tubes were slightly extended to 10.2mm and 8.2mm. I had problems pushing the tubes inside without expanding the holes. You would need 14xM3 20mm bolts if you plan to use them with the clam motor legs (clamp_motors_leg.stl) or 14xM3 16mm without.

VTX mount

I designed a mount for my TBS Unify Pro32. It's placed at the back of my drone and the signal is good so far. You can also adjust the angle of the antenna.
Print vtx_tbs_unify_pro_32_mount.stl, and vtx_tbs_unify_pro_32_mount_holder.stl, then glue them together. No screws means less weight. Probably wondering not to lose the VTX, I can say it's safe, and CA glue is strong enough (there are also the cables that hold the VTX anyway).

Flight controller mount

I use the Speedybee f405 v3 flight controller, so I had to extend the original fc_mount.stl to be used using M3 bolds.

Also, I designed a protective case (fc_protection_and_gps_mount.stl) that can also hold my Matek M8Q-5883 GPS unit. Even though it might seem too close to other electric components, the GPS signal is good and I never had any problems related to the signal (14+ satellites usually).

Camera and servo mount.

I wanted to adjust the camera angle at any time during the flight. Here's my 3d model designed for the RunCam Phoenix 2 camera. There are 7 3D printed parts. You need to use 2xM3 10mm bolts and 2xM3 nuts to tighten your parts together. I used the bolts that came with the motors. You can glue camera_frame_mount.stl and camera_servo_mount.stl together.

If you want to know more about the design or assembling guidelines, feel free to contact me on Instagram moro.dynamics



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ALLkatrazz   28 days ago  

Do you glue the carbon tubes into the 3d printed parts or is it a friction fit.

moro.dynamics   12 days ago 

Hi, sorry for late reply. It should be a friction fit and then I glue the joints. Also I have some videos with the progress on instagram and tiktok at @moro.dynamics

hawk01   Mar 22, 2024  

excellent looking build sir! what would be the all up weight? can the present configuration of the tpu parts accommodate the caddx vista HD system?

moro.dynamics   Mar 24, 2024 

Thank you! The build without LIPO battery weighs around 600 grams. With the 3300mAh battery weighs around 950 grams. Regarding to the camera system, you will need to modify/redesign the camera mount. It supports a 19mm x 19mm camera size but you will need to find a way to attach the VTX

Rice_Bowl   Mar 19, 2024  

Love the design man, very simple yet elegant and clean. Somewhat reminds me of rc cars but over all looks like a clean and well thought out build!

moro.dynamics   Mar 20, 2024 

Thank you!!

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