JeNo 7"

By nochamo on May 17, 2024

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JeNo 7"

Dady JeNo and Mom Kayouloin had a baby: A JeNo 7"

The primary goal was to compare 8mm arms with 6mm arms with reinforcements...
All fully O3 compatible, with a clean FOV without props (in Wide)...

We started with a JeNo 5, added some fertilizer... let it grow, and ended up with a 7:
• a 2.5mm top plate,
• a 3mm bottom plate,
• a 2.5mm mid plate,
• 3 press nuts per arm (just like on the Kayouloin, which dominates this size of toy).

We kept the dogbone placements strictly identical, so we could use 5" cam plates... but to get a clean FOV in O3, we had to enlarge the cine plates further, or we'd end up with a 14km-long bus... So, I had a set of cine plates extended to 25° and a set of high tilt plates at 40°.

For the reinforcements, we wanted to give the 6mm arms every chance: the locking is done with 2 press nuts to prevent twisting "a la Qnnk"...
There are two arguments in favor of the 6mm:

  • the weight (my estimates showed that the carbon savings were almost entirely offset by the additional hardware: practice confirmed this).
  • the availability of 6mm (easier to find than 8mm).

So I had everything cut at Madness.

First verdict: the weighing...
2g difference... not significant...

Second verdict: the BB... (using BH 2808 / 1500kv motors / HQ 7x3.5x3 props).

The 8mm takes the lead... the 6mm is still good, and on the stick, you can't really feel the difference, the peak is high enough to filter it out without any problem.

The difference will be on impact: the 8mm will absorb shocks better... so there’s no reason to go without the 8mm unless you have trouble finding someone to cut it.
For reference, I've crashed several times with the 8mm arms (including on hard surfaces), and so far they’re holding up...

A quick reminder of the 7" frames with 8mm arms:
• the KayouLoin (of course) : here
• the FR 7 (cuttable at Madness on request... )

And the O3 in all this?
The 200mm coax cable is obviously essential...
As for gyroflow stabilization:
I should note that my ESCs are at 24kHz (which is recommended for 7", but not at all for O3), and I haven’t had any bad surprises with gyroflow using the camera on a hard mount... so nothing to report on that side.

So the frame of the JeNo 7 is open source now ! here in printables or in git


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Flight Controller

Contrôleur de Vol F405 HD2 30x30 - Skystars (4 builds)
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MAMBA F65_128K BL32 4IN1 ESC 65A 6S (5 builds)


HQ Prop Durable 7X3.5X3 Tri-Blade 7" Prop 4 Pack (6 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI O3 Air Unit (80 builds)
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