AOS 5 v5 Ti

By regnhart on May 02, 2024

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Hi, this is my second 5" build.

For a long lime I was happy and satisfied with my QAV-S, and at some point I realized, that I'm more enjoy to fly it without action cam, so I'm decided to build light freestyle with O3 Air Unit on board, to capture some moments, and didn't mind about additional weight and forgetting to turn on recording on action cam.

First, just before i choose the frame, I buy AOS Supernova 2207 1980Kv motors, so everything else build just around this magnificent motors. Initially, I simply followed the hype in choosing it, but I must say, looking ahead, that they are truly outstanding.

DC geometry is not what I really like, so choice of the frame fell on AOS 5v5 due to X geometry and no props in view for o3 Air Unit (to tell the truth, this is probably the only frame at the moment that fits all my requirements for the philosophy of build i'm mind of).
Simplicity and gyro vibration isolation are a nice bonus as well.

Frame is really easy to work with, so much room for everything you need to put in it. Little bit on a heavy side, compared to QAV-S, but not critical. If you don’t get carried away with unnecessary TPU 3d prints, you can maintain weight balance well.
The only thing i didn't like in this frame kit - is original battery pad, so I change it to "sticky" one.

Build philosophy
Once the motor and frame were chosen, everything else became clear.

I want to keep buid minimalist and light, but without sacrificing functionality.
So Flywoo mini v3 GPS and ViFly mini buzzer must been there, exactly the same as O3 Air Unit cooling plate, to build perfect "all-rounder" 5 inch.

Ti screws
To compensate for the weight of the additional modules and for the sake of beauty and to make this frame special, I decided to replace all the fasteners with titanium ones.

So, i assemble frame first, and after this I'm order T-Work´s 64 Titan Ufo Head Screw Set for Mugen Seiki MSB1, in this kit i got every screw size, I used in frame and even more.

For stack i choose M3x22 instead of stock M3x20 to fit bigger aluminium nuts and don't pinch FC/ESC silicone.

Firing of titanium gave a special additional pleasure during process. And it match the colours of Supernova so well.

Almost forgot to say something about main part of all drones.

Due to build was already quite expensive (because prices in EU much higher than US prices), so the stack needed a reliable and proven one, and being capable not to fail to such a powerful motors.

The choice fell on
Diatone Mamba FC MK4 F722 App + 65A ESC running MPU6000 gyro.

As final touch I change "sky blue" Mamba silicone spacers to black ones, like all TPU parts, so as not to distract from the color palette of motors and burnt titanium.

I'm not really good at PID tuning, so I use nice Supaflyfpv 5" freestyle preset, as I used in me QAV-S and being happy with.

I'm running betaflight 4.5 RC4 for this build, and Chris Rosser's AOS tune preset only suitable for BF 4.4 for now, so I will try it, when it become available for 4.5. But Supafly tune run really well.

I'm always fly different props depending on my mood and location and it really fun, because you can fly so many different drones, how many different props you have.

So, here is what it become.
Thank's for attention!


Part List


AOS 5 v5 (3 builds)

Flight Controller

MAMBA MK4 F722 APP 45A/F55A/F65A_128K 3-6S Flight Controller Stack 30mm/M3 (2 builds)


MAMBA F65_128K BL32 4IN1 ESC 65A 6S (5 builds)


RCInPower AOS Supernova 2207 1980KV Motor (5 builds)


Ethix P3.3 Mango Lassi (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate (4 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI O3 Air Unit (78 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1488 builds)


ViFly Finder Mini - Lost Drone Finder/Locater/Alarm (9 builds)

Misc Parts

GOKU GM10 Mini V3 GPS (3 builds)
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