Armattan Bumper

By analyticalalchemist on Apr 07, 2017

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Armattan Bumper in Blue--Attempt to minimize exposed PCBs and wires--Expected Completion 04/20/2017

Update 1: Build delayed while I deal with Banggood. They sent me a bogus 4-in-1 ESC and I need a replacement. New expected completion date is 5/20/2017.



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lagtastic   Jul 08, 2017  

hiyas. how long are your flight times with the tattu battery.

furiouspug   Jun 23, 2017  

What did you use to cut the hole in the center? Did you glued the top plate on first before cutting? Really clean work, looking forward to seeing the final build.

analyticalalchemist   Jun 26, 2017 

I used a Dremel tool to remove all the foal except for a small layer that will insulate electronics from the "top plate" (being used as a bottom plate. I then epoxied the bottom plate to the bottom part of the frame and built up from there. It is a tight build and I have had some issues with the Eachine stack I bought and banggood--But it has fortunately been figured out.

ivanivanivan777   Apr 15, 2017  

PLEASE! post some pictures of the finished product i have a nearly Identical setup ( HGLRC FC w/ ESC ) i am also planning on installing everything inside for a flush mount. would love to see how you did it please!

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Jimskane   Jun 03, 2017 

Any progress on the build?

analyticalalchemist   Jun 26, 2017 

Yes, I am almost done. Life got in the way as well as two other builds. I hope to have an update soon.

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