Armattan Bumper

By analyticalalchemist on Apr 07, 2017

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Armattan Bumper in Blue--Attempt to minimize exposed PCBs and wires--Expected Completion 04/20/2017

Update 1: Build delayed while I deal with Banggood. They sent me a bogus 4-in-1 ESC and I need a replacement. New expected completion date is 5/20/2017.



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ivanivanivan777   Apr 15, 2017  

PLEASE! post some pictures of the finished product i have a nearly Identical setup ( HGLRC FC w/ ESC ) i am also planning on installing everything inside for a flush mount. would love to see how you did it please!

analyticalalchemist   Apr 21, 2017 

I will definitely do this when build is complete. As you can see from my update, above, this build hit a significant delay.

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