Tanq-S 1804

By ojwright845 on Jun 21, 2024

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# When I heard about a mini Tanq I couldn't pass it up.

The Build
The O3 TPU mount from rotoriot was slightly large and did not fit so I gave up on that part, and mounted the O3 using the GEPRC cooler.
Not exactly sure why the Foxeer board costs so much, but I have 2 other rigs with the Foxeer already that have been solid so I figured I stick with it.
The O3 cradle is supposed to hold the RX underneath, but since that tpu part did not fit, i had to order a longer ufl antenna and mount the RX above the FC.
1804s fit perfect for this size and weight. Spec build is 1604, but Im used to the larger motor on 3.5 builds.

The Tune
Got her out for a quick tune today. Feeling super smooth and pretty locked at:
set dyn_idle_min_rpm = 43
set simplified_master_multiplier = 145
set simplified_dmax_gain = 50
set simplified_feedforward_gain = 90
set simplified_pitch_pi_gain = 110

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Gyro Filter Tuning
Gyro filters ended very similar to most of my kwads, but this frame is very easy to tune. I could reduce the RPM filters even more, but I haven't seen sinigifcant gains reducing further.
set gyro_lpf1_static_hz = 0
set gyro_lpf2_static_hz = 0
set gyro_lpf1_dyn_min_hz = 0
set dyn_notch_count = 1
set dyn_notch_q = 500
set dyn_notch_min_hz = 150
set dyn_notch_max_hz = 1000
set rpm_filter_weights = 100,25,50
set rpm_filter_q = 1000
set rpm_filter_fade_range_hz = 100

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DTerm Filter Tuning
Started out with my standard which is usually where I leave the slider, but I'm off today to try two new filter setups to compare because with the high D gains I'm getting more noise post filter than I like.
set simplified_dterm_filter = OFF
set dterm_lpf1_dyn_min_hz = 80
set dterm_lpf1_dyn_max_hz = 110
set dterm_lpf1_dyn_expo = 7
set dterm_lpf1_type = BIQUAD
set dterm_lpf1_static_hz = 90
set dterm_lpf2_static_hz = 0

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