"Vintage" Ailen 5"

By RawFPV on Jul 02, 2024

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I thought it would be fun to do a throwback to one of my early builds that survived from late 2016. It has been through some major crashes, many broken parts, and a few upgrades since I originally built it, but at some point, I just replaced the same parts that worked for this setup. Having quite a few relics onboard, this keeps up with many of my new builds in smooth flight characteristics and forgiveness. I used to have a twin build for this guy but since some parts are not being made anymore I'm down to just this one. At some point, I did buy a bunch of spare parts for the frame so that should be good for a few more years. I might retire it once I'm out of spare frame parts.

Parts History

It's kinda of crazy that these littlebee ESCs are still alive today. I remember at some point to update from bl_heli to bl_heli S we had to remove a capacitor, then use a STEM USB dongle, solder it, and flash the firmware to to each esc. The OG foam and GAUI strap are still kicking. I was running the original Emax 2205 "Redbottoms", but after smashing a few of those I later upgraded to these higher KV versions. The camera was updated from some early CMOS cam at some point too as I smashed into a light pole at full speed. Unlike my build from earlier in 2016 that used a CC3D Fc, I got a new Omnibus f3, and that later burnt up in a crash but gave me a reason to get rid of the piggyback OSD board and get the fancy Omnibus f3 with an integrated OSD chip! At some point, I wanted better range and penetration so I upgraded the VTX to this AKK FX-2 VTX to get that maximum "legal" power and ability to change my channels and power in the OSD.

Anyways, I think it might be cool to see people post their older builds, and see how they evolved for them over time.


Part List


Impulse RC Alien 5" Frame

Flight Controller

Omnibus F3 OSD


4 x FVT LittleBee 30A ESC


4 x ★EMAX RS2205 RaceSpec Motor - Cooling Series (2 builds)


HQProp DPS 5043 V1S Tri-Blade Propellers

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift Rotor Riot 2 Special Edition IR Block

FPV Transmitter

FX2-ultimate-mini VTX(International Version) (15 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS TRIUMPH 5.8GHz FPV Racing Antenna SMA (RHCP 2PCS) - Heli-Nation (369 builds)


Frsky X4R-SB (naked)


8 x Tattu 1300mAh 4S 120C 14.8V R-Line Version 3.0 Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (3 builds)

Misc Parts

GAUI Heavy Duty Strap Set (NON-SLIP Backing) 20x280mm

Misc Parts

RTF V7.3 LC Filter Powe HUB

Misc Parts

Rotor Riot Battery Straps (3 pack)
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