By Rotorenpilot on Jul 07, 2024

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This is another chameleon bootleg...or perhaps since this has been discontinued by Armattan years ago it's a new frame now...not sure. They sell on AliExpress for under $30, and the aluminum pieces are usually cheap crap...but hey, they get the job done and they look and fly great.

Bottom line is I really enjoy the way this frame flies. I also love the single bottom plate design for simplicity and the wide arms give plenty of room for cool paint designs. Unfortunately that's already it with the pros for this frame...well, I also like the low stack deck height and the short fuselage...which can make it a bit of a tricky build if you're going digital, but COG feels pretty snappy for flying with lots of flicks it's a great geometry

But yes, enough of the pros..the cons are plentiful...the first thing that comes to mind is that cracking an arm kills all four. The hardware is not the greatest and even after swapping for some better quality screws, if you're not glueing them in there with some thread locker, they'll probably come loose and leave you hanging mid air. The carbon most of these ship with comes with unclean cuts and splinters, but I sand and paint it doesn't bother me that much

Ok ok...enough of the boring stuff. This build was a lil weird as I just used another nice and cheap HGLRC ESC --> $19.- on Amazon and JHEMCU flight controller for $15.- on AliExpress...$35.- stack... impossible to beat that for 45A full stack and digital ready. I transferred the ELRS receiver (betaflight lite with the ceramic tower antenna) and immediately had issues with it. When I tried for the maiden flight my radio bound to the receiver, but immediately complained about lost I just cranked up the transmit power to max and sent it. So far so good, that worked for maybe 5 or 6 packs before the receiver just refused to bind. So back to the bench, I started troubleshooting and first tried flashing a new version of ELRS on the receiver...with no success. After taking out the old receiver I noticed that the oscillator was dented. That was obviously the reason why that failed and perhaps it just worked a little and then degraded rapidly as the crystal in there just kept banging against the housing of the oscillator. Weird one, but it's fixed now

Yeah, besides that really not much to add to this build. Fun little quad, pretty snappy, high KV motors, light 4S build, no action cam, cause piloting skills are still pretty mediocre, but yeah, fun lil quad



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