By triki on Apr 09, 2017

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kanuga   May 18, 2017  

Hi Triki,

really like the build, I am thinking about a build with the same frame.
Is the weight (238g) with or without the battery?

triki   May 30, 2017 

The weight is with the battery, it's 171.56g without battery.

kanuga   May 31, 2017 

Nice! Will go for a quiet similiar build, but are struggling to stay under 250grams. Which battery are you using?

triki   May 31, 2017 

I'm using this battery,
I took swapped out the xt60 for xt30 and got the weight of the battery to 67 grams.

showintellpro   Apr 11, 2017  

Great job 👏🏼
I am really curious about the vtx antenna placement. What will it look like installed? What's the risk of it hitting the propellers?

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showintellpro   Apr 16, 2017 

Looks great! That Snowman antenna barely sneaks above the pod.. But seems much safer that way. That weight is great, just below the registration cut off in the US.

triki   Apr 20, 2017 

Just removed the shielding from the Snowman Antenna , saved .5g :)

triki   May 10, 2017 

Thought I would update you on the VTX, to help shed weight, I removed the SMA connector from the end of the wip and removed 12.5mm of shielding to make a dipole.

quadfather_fpv   Apr 09, 2017  

That thing looks AMAZING! Have you considered doing custom builds? You definitely have the skill.

triki   Apr 09, 2017 

Stop, you're making me blush :)
Thanks for the positive comments, makes me want to do more :)

quadfather_fpv   Apr 09, 2017 

You should! You have a talent. Keep at it!

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