Lawn Dart v2

By Waur on Apr 16, 2017

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Tried to spend dollars on an Atom v3 pro kit but nope, they apparently all got sent back to RotorX due to an issue when running 4s. Built this instead for even more dollars.

FPV Transmitter, PDB, and OSD are all part of the TBS Powercube Elite Bundle listed under FC.

Wanted to use a RunCam Eagle that I already had but the lens stuck out the front of the mount, even after modifying the rubber camera mounts. Popped on Amazon and saw that I could get a Foxeer Monster same day delivered. Done.

Spares are in Misc. I'll probably pick up another motor and esc ASAP just in case.

Yes, my soldering sucks.
Yes, my props aren't tightened down in that picture.
Yes, I wish I bought the frame with the orange anodizing.

Pass HAM license test to be legal with FPV. Boom. Passed both Tech and General.
Figure out where to mount the battery connector to keep it safe.
Get some self fusing tape to lock the ESCs down.
Crash it a bunch.


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ivanivanivan777   May 23, 2017  

How did you end up mOunting the Foxeer Monster v2? i heard it was too wide.

Waur   May 23, 2017 

I trimmed the rubber mount with a hobby knife. It's a snug fit. Figured I could just 3d print a replacement mount if it didn't work out.

pipe   Apr 24, 2017  

Where did you finally mount the battery connector to keep it safe ?

showintellpro   Apr 16, 2017  

Congrats on the HAM license, well done!

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