By UnderDawg on Apr 17, 2017

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This was my very first build just over a year ago. I can remember being intimidated with the soldering even with the large spaced out pads.

The S500 frame has more than just a few upgrades in the last year. Sunnysky 3108, 720kv motors, 11'' prop, T style landing gear and the SteadyGo 3 axis gimbal being a few.

Some earlier footage with the Walkera G2D.

First flight with the Tiny2.



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xkicken   Jul 28, 2019  

How long does it fly for

UnderDawg   Jul 28, 2019 

between 15 to 20 minutes depending on battery.

cyrus88   Jun 04, 2019  

i just finished build s500 .. i can't upload The pic.i don't know why

UnderDawg   Jun 04, 2019 

Post a build. I would love to see it.

cyrus88   Jun 04, 2019  

inspired by your Night hawk.. 😀

geekhamood   May 15, 2019  

Nice build. How much flight time did you get ?

UnderDawg   May 17, 2019 

Thanks! between 15 to 20 minutes depending on battery.

geekhamood   May 17, 2019 


Dominiz   Sep 25, 2017  

Where canopy you buy? It look good

UnderDawg   Sep 25, 2017 

Thank you! I bought the last two Idea Fly 450 X frames from a seller on Amazon. I built one and the spare canopy I used on the S500.

cyrus88   Apr 01, 2019 

I like the s500 canopy. Is it 3d printed? can you share the file or any link for that canopy. Thanks

UnderDawg   Apr 01, 2019 

Sorry its not printed. It's made by Idea Fly for there 450 quad. You might find one on Ebay if you do a search.

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