6" beast mode Hyphy

By dangerousFPV on Apr 20, 2017

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Been wanting to do this build for quite some time now, but was too busy working on other projects. Finally got a few minutes last night to put her together and man... She is nice. At first she didn't really want to cooperate w/ me, but after an hour or so of gently caressing her I managed to put her in her place. To what am I referring to??? The camera mount? No. Actually, the camera mount "issue" was easily solved. I had a 1190 mount lying around that I used and it will do the job until I can source an 1177 mount. The issue wasn't with the frame at all. It was with the damn VTX u.FL cable. Why the hell do they make them so long??? Honestly, it took me at least an hour or two just to figure out the best placement of that single component. Trying various combinations of screw length, standoff length, etc... When it was all said and done I opted to mount it as seen in the pics. To do so I had to use standard nylon 6 mm standoffs on the base plate in lieu of the nice M2 hex nuts provided w/ the frame.

Overall, I think the final product really speaks for itself. Looking forward to flying it later today.

6" version..



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