Dat Realacc X210 V+

By ArtimusPrimeFPV on Apr 20, 2017

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This was my first build. Just really trying to get something good that would fly but cheap enough that my wife wouldn't divorce me once it was all said and done!! She's awesome! Although this is really the second iteration. Had to get something other than the clone spracing board and matek pdb.... although I'm actually a big fan of the Matek PDB. The Emax motors were MORE than adequate for my first rig. Probably a little much.. .But I hate to spend money just to want to upgrade immediately!... Any way let me know what you think.



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dangerousFPV   Apr 20, 2017  

Looks good. How much does it weigh?

ArtimusPrimeFPV   Apr 20, 2017 

332.3 dry no gopro

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