Project Koopa

By ACROBORG on Apr 26, 2017

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Technically the third quad I've built, but the first that I've been able to put a lot of flights into and develop my skills. I started with an Eachine Aurora 90 frame, remove the pod assembly, dremeled off the arch in the prop hoops, and printed this custom body kit out of Sainsmart TPU.

The goal of this build was to have a down-and-dirty fly-anywhere freestyle(ish) micro that can handle less-then-ideal weather, and I think I nailed it. The TPU body protects the electronics nicely from drizzle and minced foliage. The combination of aluminum, carbon fiber, and TPU plastic has made for very robust prop guards that take much of the risk out of proximity freestyle. The TPU body and low profile has had the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of getting snagged in tree branches.

It's not a light machine. 75 grams as pictured. On 2s it's a fun and carefree flight with more then enough thrust to scoot around indoors or out and have a great time. On 3s it's a pocket monster only suitable for outdoors, with the thrust and weight producing a flight experience similar to a portly full-size freestyle quad, just on a smaller scale. The 20 degree cam tilt and wide 170 degree view makes for a very versatile setup, exaggerating the sense of speed and providing a reasonable amount of down-view while hovering, but at 3s speeds the low angle does make many freestyle tricks more challenging to get right. But as far as handling, the weight adds that extra bit of inertia that extends the hangtime that these micros usually lack. You can only throw a leaf so far in the wind... helps to tie a rock to it. That's my theory at least.

I've been battling some issues with the backend dropping under hard propwash conditions. Unsure if it's an electronics issue or something that can be tuned away.

Still a couple of revisions I need to make to the bodykit, most noticeably shortening the camera cowling.

If you have any interest in building your own, just hit me up and I'd be happy to send the STL files your way!



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robingold   May 24, 2017  

I am building a Aurora 90. And i enjoyed your quad. Can you please give me the STL files?

ACROBORG   Jun 07, 2017 

At this point I'm not thinking it's worth it. Super fun project and still fly the heck out of it, but it has a very specific parts list and is a real pain to work on, having to completely disassemble just to get to the FC. But I'm not done yet ;)

robingold   Jun 12, 2017 

Agreed, hopefully it will be finalized soon! :D

Oscarem296   Apr 26, 2017  

One question, what radio do you use?

ACROBORG   Apr 28, 2017 

Turnigy Evolution, and love it :-)

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