FT Tiny Trainer Build v1.0

By Lam3tta on Jun 15, 2017

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FT Tiny Trainer Custom Build
Build in Progress 5/31/2017
Build Completed 6/10/2017
*It has a rotor. ;)



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stefanm84   5 days ago  

Is it even FPV? Lol

Lam3tta   5 days ago 

No, but it's not fpvbuilds haha ;). I have a tx01 I'm thinking about mounting to it.

NtrnFlxLbs   11 days ago  

Dude i love this ROTOR build! flight video?

Lam3tta   8 days ago 

So...I slammed it right into a light pole, wing broke in half and some other issues. I will be rebuilding asap.

LooseTransistor   11 days ago  

Fixed wing on ROTOR builds?!? VIOLATION :SOS:

HyphPV   11 days ago  


Oscarem296   12 days ago  

How did you design the plane? I'm interested on it, nice post :)

Lam3tta   11 days ago 

Thank you! I'm brand new to the hobby but it didn't seem like too bad of a build. I used FliteTest's free scratch build plans on their site for the Tiny Trainer. Being my first time working with the foam board the build time was quite high but not very difficult.

I decided on the parts through general research and I'm very happy with how they worked out. I think the only thing I would change would be to use 5g servos as the 9g are a little big for this build and I had some cg issues but they still work well.

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