BoltRC Kraken 5X

By lasercopter on May 05, 2017

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BoltRC Kraken 5X with the 3.0 POD. This frame is really strong and handles like a champ, I got it for racing and because I'm new to racing I decided to go with the toughest POD I could buy, so far I haven't broken anything, just lots of props and motor bearings. Favorite QUAD I have.
Also everything has a layer of silicone conformal coating for those rainy days :)



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ftj_85   Sep 12, 2017  

badass i loved my kraken 5r before i stupidly flew up at night in middle of woods.. so now in usa im not sure who sells them besides team blacksheep and urban drones, im worried boltrc will discontinue this frame but hopefullly im wrong.. plans are to buy two more frames and put the primo 2207/2650kv again since 5s is so awesome and this quad design and aeropod is bada++ hope i can get anouther one setup but 400 to build how i built mine

TurK-FX   Jul 11, 2017  

Hey man. Do you think you can fit 3 layer stack in there?

lasercopter   Jul 11, 2017 

I don't think so, its pretty tight in space already

goofy84   May 22, 2017  

Hi, awesome build. Where did you get the colored rubber rings from ?

lasercopter   May 23, 2017 


goofy84   May 23, 2017 

Do you have a link ?

nibrocd   May 13, 2017  

I'm considering this frame, does the unify on 800mw overheat inside the pod

lasercopter   May 13, 2017 

It probably will, this is a racing frame so most places don't allow 800mw of power, I run this at 200mw and sometimes we have to sit on the start line for a while and I've never had a problem.

Briefly Flying FPV   May 12, 2017  

What a beauty! Congrats on an awesome build!

BQE   May 12, 2017  

tight build.

thegreen4me   May 07, 2017  

wow they have blue xt-60 connectors now?!?! has science gone too far? we really are living in the future now!

UnderDawg   May 05, 2017  

Nice! I like how you made use of the O-rings on the motor wires...I have to keep that in mind..

Whiffles   May 05, 2017  

I love the color coordination! That's a really nice looking quad.

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