Doppler 6"

By Hovro on May 13, 2017

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Doppler by Rotaro, with the new Mjölnir 2308-2600KV motors. Beastly motors with loads of punch if you let them loose, but also very effective if you are.
The Kombini FC handles up to 5S, even if I dont.
I got the 6" version, running 5" props at the moment. Kit comes with some spare hardware aswell as a spare arm.

Flown this frame for a while as you can see by the pictures and it has handled all the beating I`ve been able to throw at it so far.


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metropolis   May 17, 2017  

I'm so excited for my Mjolnir motors to arrive! The Doppler definitely looks like an interesting frame, too!

Hovro   May 18, 2017 

Awesome. Hope you like them, cant wait to see the build!

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