iFlight iX2

By RotorQuad Squad on May 15, 2017

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jsonlien   Jun 27, 2017  

my rx is bound(orange light is solid) but in betaflight, my tx is not showing movements from sticks. help plss

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RotorQuad Squad   Jun 28, 2017 

Glad you got it running! Theres been some discrepancies as to which ones come built, which dont, and the configs that they come with. I had to do some serious dampening of my flight controller and got it mostly tuned in.... then I managed to fry a motor with some extremely aggressive LOS acro flying! So its on my desk for now!

jsonlien   Jun 28, 2017 

GODSPEED your quad's recovery lol. If not to much trouble can you keep us posted here or youtube please? I will share my pids later this evening when I get home and attempt to re-tune

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 28, 2017 

facebook.com/woodysbuilds is my direct page and https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429153957398312/?ref=bookmarks is my direct group. I also have an instagram under the same name. I do what I can but theres a lot of social media out there and my engineering degree is kicking my rear these days!

Devbloggs   Jun 26, 2017  

Hey, just curious what size batteries you use for this quad, and 3S or 2S?

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 26, 2017 

500mah 3s from turnigy

Devbloggs   Jun 26, 2017 

Thanks for the reply

Patsy   May 27, 2017  

Hey man great video. Going to build mine soon. One thing I'm trying to figure. Is if you use a different camera and vtx. Where to you hock them up to not seeing a spot on the board to do that


RotorQuad Squad   May 29, 2017 

There are a couple of 5v out pads that can be used. If you need direct voltage you can simply use the power pads on the F/C without a problem.

Patsy   May 30, 2017 

Ok thank you brother

DirtDigg'nDrones   May 25, 2017  

Sweet, I just ordered my kit a few weeks ago (still waiting for delivery). Saw your vid, thanks for posting what I can expect to see in the box. Question: by not mounting the FC at 90 degrees (as seen on iFlights site) did you have to change the FC orientation in BetaFlight? Thanks in advance.

RotorQuad Squad   May 25, 2017 

Hey congrats!

If you mount your stack the direction I did, then you will have to compensate for it on the yaw axis. I believe it was 45 degrees. Another word of advice, use double sided tape to mount the stack into the frame. This isolates it enough so that you can use the full 8/8 refresh.

Dziabarra   May 16, 2017  

I've build very similar little flyer, but you should consider different props. The ones from DYS are durable but cause nasty oscillations and drifting when in stabilized mode.

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RotorQuad Squad   May 20, 2017 

got em on order!

Jimskane   May 20, 2017 

Any problems with voltage sag paired with these props?

RotorQuad Squad   May 20, 2017 

I havent noticed anything. I get a solid 5 mintues of fun before landing around 3.7

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