Kraken Worx Ultralight

By QuadMcFly on May 17, 2017

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BoltRC sent me this setup to try out, and it's insane. By far my lightest build and it flies like it. It handles like a high KV quad on much lower KV and much less current. AUW with light 4S 1300mah packs is under 400g, and weight without battery is right at 244g.


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easymoneysniper   Aug 13, 2018  

Just wondering how durable those motors turned out to be? On the fence about getting some.

QuadMcFly   Aug 13, 2018 

I destroyed one slamming into a telephone pole at full throttle, but so far that's the only one. Lightness comes at a cost in terms of durability, so I wouldn't expect them to be as strong as heavier motors, but so far I haven't found them to be lacking.

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