By lasercopter on May 18, 2017

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DQUAD Obsession v2 frame. This frame is well designed and I really like the look of the gold aluminum, I use this frame mostly for freestyle which is how I like to fly most of the time. The weight is 320 grams so its not super heavy and the motors are quite powerful. Hope you like it :)



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CTurn   12 days ago  

Damn that is beautiful, how do you get such great photo's!!

lasercopter   5 days ago 

I added 250 diffusion material to a lamp to help make the light softer, also I have a Pro camera and good knowledge of how to use it :)

bsmith0   12 days ago  

Braided motor wires? Looks great!

Amphioxus   12 days ago  

Did you anodize the aluminum or is the gold a stock option?

TheMrJahn   12 days ago  

Really clean and beautiful build! ;)

lasercopter   12 days ago 

Thank you!

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