RONIN v3 Hyperlite Floss 5"

By TheLeprechaunPirate on May 20, 2017

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[Ronin has been rebuilt - v1 parts are saved as a photo]

Ronin v3 is currently my favorite racer. With the addition of the canopy and the motor "guards", I find it to be quite a beautiful site. And it still flies really well since it has a lot of space for added weight. At its newest setup, with the canopy, soft motor "bumper" mounts, its dry weight with Gemfan 5152 twin blade props is 260g.



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jambo289   Nov 25, 2017  

Quality build! How are you finding the Gemfan Bi-blades? I've been trying to switch over the the Emax AVAN s bi-blades, but not enjoying the reduced grip around corners. (Could be due to the AUW being a little high). How do the Gemfan Bi-blades hold up on a lighter build?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Dec 04, 2017 

The gemfan bi-blades are nice but they definitely aren’t as good as the Tri blades for that exact problem with grip. For some reason, i sucked it up and dealt with it for the faster top-end, and lighter AUW. Just takes a little bit getting used to. Whenever I switch to a Tri blade, I’m cutting corners like it’s nothing!

Flying Squirrel FPV   Jul 13, 2017  

Where did you buy those Rx antenna mounts that slip onto the front standoffs?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jul 14, 2017!

Jimskane   Jul 09, 2017  

What do you think about the "Clean Air" motor direction scheme you're using? Do you do this on all your quads or can you comment on the pros and cons of this from your experience?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jul 10, 2017 

I believe that the alternative motor direction's benefits, as described within this link here ( would be beneficial to everyone, but I also believe it's not going to be a truly noticeable difference to most of us. If anything, I'd say there aren't any cons I can think of, and it's so easy to reverse motor/prop direction that I recommend anybody try it.

Zedrus   Jun 25, 2017  

Great work!
Do you use current sensor of DYS FC board ? If positive, how do you wire it?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jun 25, 2017 

I actually don't. This is mainly because i wanted to keep it simple, light, and have clean wiring, so it wasn't worth it to me. Chances are Joshua Bardwell's tutorial on how to wire it would help in that matter, though!

Zedrus   Jun 26, 2017 


macliffhanger   Jun 05, 2017  

Any thoughts on the dys fc and 4in1 esc?
I have the fc and am thinking of picking up the 4in1

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jun 05, 2017 

It cleans up real well! Instead of using wires, it just connects directly with the pins. I'm all for it!

JC250   May 29, 2017  

The creator of this frame (kababfpv) says that this frame is tough enough for freestyle since the builds are potentiallly around 250g. What is your experience with the durability of this frame and how well does it protect its components (specifically the motors)? Iv had a bad experience with my qavx clone with breaking motors and want to transfer my components over in the near future if it is as durable as kababfpv says

TheLeprechaunPirate   May 29, 2017 

There are definitely a lot of exposed parts in the internals, so don't expect it to be good at protection, although so long as your arms don't break off, a majority of everything within its "bubble" should be fine.
So far the motors have been fine but the only thing protecting them are two prongs sticking out of the arms. And surprisingly I haven't broken the frame yet.

Switchblade2k   May 23, 2017  

Anxiously awaiting the AUW measurement. Also do you see a way to make this a top mount Bat? I'm not a fan of bottom mounted Bats but I really like the HyperFloss frame.

TheLeprechaunPirate   May 23, 2017 

I uploaded a pic with the AUW of 260g. Unfortunately, I think my SirinFPV FC or xm+ receiver aren't functioning correctly, so I might be doing a swap so my build might look different in the future, but still maintain a similar weight; but when I have time. From when I got a chance to fly it though, it was definitely really quick!

To be honest I don't think a top mount can be safely done unless you use a smaller battery like 850, or maybe even 1000mah, and you apply more than one strap to it, or create something to make it hold real tight. The top mount's rear is just too thin of a surface area.

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