The Lil Bastard

By Bushwacka FPV on May 20, 2017

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My Third 1103 build. This time using 1103 10Kv which are fast but also AMP hungry. I really like how this frame flies, I started with a Hubsan last year about this time and its feel like an acro FPV Hubsan. Which should be taken as compliment, super fun, super smooth, fast, when I finely figured out my hubsan I remember thinking man this thing is quick for a 30 dollar toy, well this thing is fast for a 2 inch prop, 1103/10k/kv running 300mah batteries.

Just a fair warning this build is fairly freaking tight. The stand off are only 6mm and there is no much space inside of the frame. I tried originally to build this frame with receiver point out the front, with a 200mw Eachine VTX sandwich on top of the FC. It was a light configuration for sure but it wasnt working for me for several reasons. Reason number one the receiver did not have enough antenna showing. #2 the VTX and 10kv motors couldnt run off the 300mah battery, number #3 no buzzer. I fly primary in my backyard which is a 10 acre farm pasture with un mowed grass, after nearly losing this build several times I needed a buzzer.

So after the Realization that my build just was ill conceived, I took the damn bastard apart. Used 2 piece of double sided tape for the FC, went to what is basically a separated CM275T for the camera/VTX camera. that freed up some space inside the frame for the Lemon RX sat out the tie inside the heat shrink and hot glue to the buzzer get them to stay just out the back, and the Buzzer is hot glued zip tied to the outside of the rear of the frame, which means I can finally find the thing is 12 inch high grass.

I have tried a bunch a different props but have settled on cut and drilled out walkera ladybird props. They seem to give much more punch than any of the 4 blade props out there, and cut plus drilled parrot seem to AMP hungry for my 300Mah Nanotechs..

Batteries I am running top mount 300Mah nanotech, some 30c some 45c....Ill be honest right now the weak link of this entire build is the 300Mah batteries. Even the 45c are sounding my low voltage alarm. but I am still getting 3 minutes of hard flight on them and then resting cell voltage of 3.3 volts per cell. People are saying go 3s but I am not doing that on this thing. Its so fun on 2s at 63 grams AUW that I see no reason to add more weight to it, plus 10,000 kv and 6a Esc probably will not work well on 3s. I may end up having to go to bottom mount if I run bigger batteries.



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