By Bonnervision on May 27, 2017

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Lifetime warrantied Chameleon frame from Armattan. gives 5% of purchases back to your local MultiGP chapter. Have your organizer contact Tyler to signup and get your chapter a code.



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enrbgill   Oct 21, 2017  

How are you finding the Raceflight ESCs with those Caps sticking out the side? Any problems in crashes?

Bonnervision   Feb 10, 2018 

Yeah, I eventually wired them in

Bonnervision   Feb 10, 2018 

Yeah, I eventually wired them in

J-Lar   May 29, 2017  

Nice build! im going to do something pretty similar and i was just wondering if you had any issues fitting your arrow v3 in the chameleon? i have a monster v2 which is the same housing, i've heard mixed things about fitting it on the chameleon, would love to hear your experience on it.

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enrbgill   Oct 20, 2017 

You don't use the 3 Hole camera mount though (carbon side plates from Armattan), do you think they'd be a better fit?

J-Lar   Oct 20, 2017 

They didnt exist when my comment was made, but theyre made for this specific purpose so yes they should be ideal.

enrbgill   Oct 21, 2017 

I didn't realise they were a newer thing, nice one!

stefanm84   Jun 27, 2017  

How do you like the raceflight esc FC combo? I've been thinking of pairing these with some F60s on a 6" chameleon. Or going for the kiss setup...

Bonnervision   Jun 27, 2017 

I have a few of them and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with them so far. Make sure you don't install the headers on the esc upside down though!

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