3D Chopped ZMR250 // Silver

By Clutzz on Mar 19, 2016

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I wanted something different with my silver carbon ZMR250, so I added a 10mm spacer and took the spacers from 37mm to 15mm.
The arms were moved as central as possible.
Did I mention it flies upside-down?

3D props are created symmetrically to give equal lift spinning in both directions, and software is set to allow the motors to switch direction so the copter can hover inverted.
I set up a three-position switch on my radio which changes the throttle range from positive range, full range, and negative range.
At full range, the top half of the throttle stick gives positive thrust and the bottom half gives negative thrust.

It takes awhile to get used to flying 3D!
I managed to successfully slam it into the ground trying to flip upside down testing line of sight. It's definitely easier flying FPV.



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Whiffles   Mar 20, 2016  

Keeping the 250 alive! Looking good.

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